Posted on September 18, 2023 at 4:39 pm

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5 Key Things to Consider Before Installing a UTE Canopy in Australia

It is a pickup truck in the US and a UTE Canopy in Australia. Although they usually have slight differences in size, chassis, and looks, they are still almost the same vehicle. UTEs have many benefits for which users choose them. They are versatile, powerful, and capable of nearly anything you think of.


Many people use them for off-road trips and push them to their limits. Others use them as part of their contracting jobs, while some simply love the power and spaciousness that comes with them. Whatever the reason you choose them, you surely love driving them.


Most UTEs come with an open rear tray. Installing a toolbox canopy improves the functionality and adds even more features to this highly versatile vehicle. In this article, we talk more about these features and what you should mind when installing one. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this subject.


1. Always look for a lightweight material


It’s essential to properly choose the material from which the toolbox is made. Aside from durability, which is extremely important, the choice of material will determine whether the vehicle will consume more or less gas due to the extra weight added on top.


Aluminium is an excellent choice. It is lightweight and durable and won’t cost a fortune. Before the invention of quality-made aluminium, most types of toolboxes and similar equipment were made from steel. Steel is an excellent toolbox material, but when it comes to mounting on a UTE, it is the worst choice.


Steel is extremely heavy, which will overload the vehicle and cause the engine to suffer. On the other hand, titanium is extra lightweight and even more durable than steel, but it’s the most expensive solution out there. This is why aluminium is the best value for your money when it comes to purchasing tool boxes and canopies.


2. Think about what you will use it for


The toolbox canopy has many uses. People choose them and use them in various situations and for many different needs. The first thing that a toolbox canopy is great is for handling contracting tasks. Contractors love them for their spaciousness, organizational features, and flexibility.


Another great use is for outdoor adventures. Many people love camping, and they will use their UTEs equipped with tool boxes and go into the wilderness carrying everything they need. You can fit all sorts of items and camping equipment inside the canopy, as well as a big tent in which you can sleep in.


3. Ask for a custom-made box


When ordering a UTE canopy from a manufacturer, always ask for one that will be created just for you. A custom-made toolbox is way better than the ones from shelves. Every car model is different, and even every specific vehicle is not the same as the rest.


When you’re going to the toolbox shop, ask them to create one for your specific needs. The people working there are skilled and experienced, and they’ll measure your bed and everything important for designing and mounting the perfect UTE toolbox canopy.


4. Think about additional equipment


When you have the toolbox canopy installed, you have multiple options. Not all canopies are the same, and if you order one custom-made, you can ask for additional parts and equipment to provide a better experience. There are many features you can add to your canopy, but also around the vehicle.


Install trundle drawers, shelves, and other stuff inside the canopy. They will help you organize tools better, store utensils, or whatever you may have in mind. Also, think about adding additional tool boxes and features under the vehicle, on the roof, or in the back of it. Ladders, roof racks, undertray tool boxes, additional thunder drawers, and many more features are always available for those who need them.


5. Ask for the legal stuff


Every country in the world, and every state in Australia has different rules and regulations. Before purchasing something like this you must look into the local permits considering the weight and the load capacity of the vehicle.


Since every area has its’ own rules, you must know them perfectly. If you don’t where to ask, you can ask the company providing the tool boxes, as they will probably know. However, when you drive into a different state, you may want to check their local rules, as they might be different from the state you’re coming from. The NSW and Queensland might have different regulations, and the chances you’ll be going off-roading from one state to another are huge.




Once you have these five points in front of you, it’s easy to choose a canopy. You will know what are they for, what to mind, and how to get the best model for your needs. Spend some time researching and enjoy time spent driving.

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