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Starfield: Why Bethesda Game Studios’ Latest is the Most Anticipated Game of the Year

Ever since the massive success of the action RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the post-apocalyptic franchise Fallout, gamers around the world have waited no less than 25 years for a brand-new universe from Bethesda Game Studios. Starfield, their latest game, is set to be released on the 6th of September, with an early access period starting five days before that. The game’s popularity is already through the roof, and we’re letting you in on what to expect.

An Out-of-this-world Gameplay

Starfield was first announced in Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2018, sparking a lot of speculation online, and the hype has only grown in the five years that followed. ExpressVPN’s blog piece highlights, as of June, Starfield was the most anticipated game of 2023 and 2024 with 4.6 million Google searches in the US and 1.1 million in the UK.


With Star Wars and Firefly as its main inspirations, the game is set to be a larger-than-life RPG set in space with promises of out-of-this-world gameplay (no pun intended!). It will be set in a gigantic region of the Milky Way, where players will be able to visit over 1,000 planets in what we can only expect to be an immensely vast game map.


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Customization to the Max

Starfield’s enhanced level of personalization is another reason for it’s appeal. The extent to which you can tailor not only your character but also your ship is unbelievable. This is something that a lot of players gravitate toward as role-playing games become increasingly immersive and complex.


In terms of the character you’ll be playing, you can choose from a variety of traits, each offering unique attributes, as depicted by PC Gamer. Traits are different from perks and skills and they’re a fun way to add depth to your in-game persona. Examples include things from simple personality attributes like being an extrovert, to more intriguing options like DNA-altering conditions like being part human, part alien.

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Buggy or Bug-free?

As with every game, one of the questions haunting the Starfield release is the possibility of bugs spoiling the game. Although this is always a concern with a new game release, there is a tendency for more complex games to, understandably, have more bugs, so it can actually be a good sign. Plus, the release date was postponed twice in the last year, so hopefully the team at Bethesda Game Studios have any potential mishaps under control.


Be it as it may, players are more than ready for this release. As reported by GamesRadar, a devoted fan spent 200 hours closely examining all available trailers, demos, and teasers to compile every skill the game will offer – now that’s dedication.


With so many aspects to look forward to, it’s hard for any gamer not to be excited about Starfield. Especially if expansive RPGs are what you’re into, Starfield will be right up your alley. Remember that, if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can already pre-download the game ahead of its release.

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