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10 Questions Answered About Living in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates, Abu Dhabi being the capital. With 200 islands, it occupies 84 percent of the UAE’s national territory. It has three main regions – Al Ain, Al Dhafrah, and the city of Abu Dhabi. 

Economically speaking, they are playing an integral role to ensure the development of the city. With major investments underway, more and more tourists are being enthused to work and live in the city. 


Living in Abu Dhabi is like living in a hidden gem. There are various attractions to visit and exciting experiences to try. 


The city is all about luxury, entertainment, architecture, excitement, sports, and so much more.


Here are 10 questions answered to help you get acquainted with this diverse emirate:

  • Is it a safe place to live in? 


Yes, it is considered one of the safest places to live all around the world. And for six consecutive years, it’s been ranked first by the Numbeo Safety Index as the safest city in the world. The criteria for scoring include the cost of living, crime, pollution, and safety. The city had the highest score of 88.14 in the crowd-sourced list. 

  • What are the career opportunities?


Being UAE’s business center, the career opportunities are endless. Do you want to work in an Abu Dhabi executive office? It’s possible if you’ve got the right skills. 


The most in-demand skills include business management, digital literacy, e-commerce, engineering, English-Arabic communication, finance and accounting, human resources, leadership, and sales and marketing. 


Some of the most in-demand jobs are front-end developers, cybersecurity architects, human resources managers, IT project managers, lab technicians, physicians, marketing managers, registered nurses, sales engineers, and so much more.

  • Where can I stay?


This welcoming city has a lot of places to offer its visitors as well as expats. As mentioned above, it has three regions and all offer various accommodations, ranging from affordable to luxurious ones. 


Some known areas are Al Karamah, Al Khalidiyah, Al Mushrif, Al Raha, Al Reef,  Corniche, the cities of Khalifa and Mohammed Bin Zayed, the islands of Al Maryah, Al Reem, Saadiyat, Yas, and the Tourist Club Area.

  • How expensive is it to live in the city? 


There are several places to live in, and rates of accommodation differ according to location as well as facilities available. If they are located in the Central Business District area, expect higher rates. 


Additionally, you can decide whether to rent a property or buy it, if you have the means. Rents are commonly paid annually and depending on the size. 


Rates for a two-bedroom apartment may range from 40,000 to 140,000 dirhams annually. Villas on the other hand range from 50,000 to 290,000 dirhams annually.

  • Do I need to learn Arabic?


You don’t necessarily need to learn about it but being familiar with it has its perks. It would be easier to connect with people no matter where you are. 


Learning the language also shows that you respect the country and its culture. However, moving to Abu Dhabi without knowledge of the language will not be a problem since it is an English-speaking city. 


There are also a lot of expats you don’t have to worry about a language barrier. 

  • Will I experience culture shock? 


Culture shock is a very common thing, it can even be experienced in one’s own country in some ways. This emirate is not a place for travelers anymore. It’s a place that is considered home by many, even though they’re not natives of the city. 


Some culture shocks you may experience – no drinking in public, excessive public displays of affection not allowed, tips not mandatory, daily calls to prayer, and more. 


Reading about their culture before moving might help.

  • What entertainment is available? 


There are hundreds of fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. There are day trips to explore the city. This full-day tour of the city is a good way to get acquainted. If you’re a fan of rides, there’s the Ferrari World where you get to experience riding world-class roller coasters. 


Love the water? Check out the Yas Waterworld to see UAE’s biggest pools. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the biggest of its kind in the UAE. This is where you get insights about their religion. 


These are just a few, but there’s more to do. 

  • How do I get around the city?


There are several modes of public transport to try. Taxis are a common one and the fair rates are relatively low. It’s available anywhere in the entire UAE. Public buses are another option. 


If you choose this, remember that you need to use a smart card to pay for your travel. Bus stations and airport terminals sell this type of smart card. Other modes include bicycles, car rentals, ferries, shuttle buses, or simply walking.

  • How is the climate? 


The temperature typically ranges from 60°F to 104°F. During summers or the warmest season, beginning in May up to September, the highest daily temperature could reach from 98°F to 103°F. The cool season starts in December and up until March. 


The highest daily temperature is 79°F and the lowest is 61°F.  

  • What are the visa rules?


If you’re thinking of moving to Abu Dhabi, here are some things to remember: students with high honors are eligible to apply for the Golden visa. This is a 10-year grant. 


Freelancers, self-employed and skilled workers can be accepted through a Green residence. This provides residency to them for 5 years without an employer or sponsor. 

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