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Everything you need to know Cyber Security certification & high-income jobs

The digital revolution has given rise to cybercrime. So, without a doubt, cyber security is an affluent industry with many promising prospects. Since hackers are always coming up with new ways to break into networks, the job of a cybersecurity professional will never be monotonous, and it pays handsomely.


Cybersecurity is the field to be in, and the shortage of professionals makes it the best time to pursue a certification course to become a skilled cybersecurity expert. 


After all, it is now a matter of “when” rather than “if” there will be a cyber security breach, as data is the crucial aspect every industry wants to protect. 

What is Cybersecurity expert Certification?

A training program can help you become an expert in the cybersecurity domain. It will assist you in advancing your knowledge and technical skills through industry-led training and courses with the most in-trend tools and applications like CISM, CEH, CompTIA Security+, etc. 


Companies want to take on board professionals with a cybersecurity expert certification background and are ready to pay excellent packages to protect their data from being sabotaged.


Enrolling in one of the many available online training programs allows you to learn everything you need about cybersecurity and its many uses to become a certified cybersecurity expert. 


Today, cyber security is more in demand than ever. As more and more businesses move online, the market for a reliable security infrastructure has never been more prominent. To that end, hiring a skilled cybersecurity professional is essential. In the field of cyber security, various job profiles exist. Let us discuss the different roles available in today’s time.

High-income Cyber Security jobs and salaries in India

Below is a list of different cyber security jobs in India with competitive salary packages. 

  • Ethical hacker

Ethical hackers do not carry out illegal activities and are authorized to test the company’s security systems. 


They are principally responsible for creating standard organizational rules. They examine existing procedures and protections and propose modifications. They monitor systems for any signs of intrusion or possible weaknesses and develop policies and procedures for reporting problems or alerts. They also give advice and instructions on recognizing, avoiding, and dealing with cybersecurity risks.


Ethical hacking as a profession presents vast prospects. For example, according to Glassdoor, a recently certified ethical hacker might earn between INR 6 lakh and INR 7 lakh per year. 

  • Cyber Security consultant

Consultants offer their services at a fixed price to different companies. Consultants often provide short-term or project-based services. Businesses hire them to measure, design, and implement ways to keep data, systems, and devices safe from leaks and cyberattacks. 


As per Glassdoor, consultants attract a fat paycheck of around Rs. 8,68,140 annually.  This figure depends on projects and the work associated with them. 

  • Cyber Security manager

It is the most in-demand and lucrative job in India for a professional with a cyber security expert certification. Managers in IT are the backbone of the organization as they are in charge of the company’s security systems. 


Their functions and responsibilities vary depending on the organization’s size, considering that their average annual salary is Rs. 22Lakhs per annum for companies like Deloitte, Cape Gemini, etc. 

  • Cyber Security Analyst

Analysts follow various market trends and implement them in their organizations. In addition, they help plan and upgrade multiple systems and perform internal and external audits to ensure there are no loopholes in the security.


Additionally, they should be acquainted with various software, hardware, and computer ecologies, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Cybersecurity analysts are trusted to ensure the security and confidentiality of an organization’s data.


Usually, an analyst’s job is an entry-level position that attracts a salary of Rs. 5,27,500 annually. 

  • Information security manager

Information security managers play a crucial role in preventing disasters by identifying system and process vulnerabilities. 


They examine sensitive information such as passwords, employee data, and firewalls to determine if any part of the business is under attack. Information security managers are essential to every corporation, regardless of size or industry. 


According to the salaries recorded by employees on Glassdoor, the average salary of an information security manager is 17Lakhs per annum in organizations like TCS, Infosys, etc. 


These are the most sought-after cyber security jobs in India right now that candidates can pursue after completing the cyber security expert certification. But apart from these, various roles like Chief Information Security Officer, Network Security Engineer, and Security Architect take away hefty salaries. 

Certifications to give your career a boost

The cybersecurity training programs have been developed per industry standards and combine classroom instruction with hands-on practice.


You must select the cyber security training certification that best matches your interests and talents from among those mentioned in the article. 

Edureka- Cyber Security course in India

In this Cyber Security course, you will understand fundamental concepts such as ethical security hacking, cryptography, computer network, and application security, IdAM (identification and access management), and vulnerability analysis. 


Spyware and malware attacks, SQL injection DoS session hijacking, and a variety of enterprise security strategies and hands-on demos will be covered.

Intellipaat- Cyber Security course in India

This course is designed by experts, and you can master the various tools and techniques of cyber security. It is an advanced certification program to gain in-depth knowledge in Systems hacking, cryptography, malware threats, ethical hacking, etc. 

Simplilearn- Cyber Security expert

This course prepares you to be an expert in the cyber security domain. With this best-in-class program, you will learn how to protect your infrastructure in a wide range of ways, such as securing data and information, running risk analysis and mitigation, architecting cloud-based security, achieving compliance, and much more.


The program starts with basic technology training and then moves on to hacking techniques like reverse engineering and network penetration testing that are more advanced.



In the article, we have examined various high-paying cyber security jobs in India and cyber security expert certifications that can help you achieve great heights in your career. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to be a cybersecurity expert?

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