Posted on October 18, 2022 at 1:47 pm

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ACMA Bans Illegal Online Mobile Casino Websites And Affiliates

ACMA has cracked down on additional 160 unregistered operators in the country, including the shutdown of a major casino provider, citing fears of illegal gaming and other illicit operations. Aside from websites, the regulator is also taking aim at affiliates and mobile apps that try to drive traffic towards their respective brands.


In the latest investigation on the Internet, Australian authorities banned AU Online Casino, Ninja Spins, Pokies Parlor, AusCasino, and Pokies Online Casino, among others. All these brands have violated the existing legislation, which prohibits supplying online gaming operators to Aussie residents on the territory of the country without receiving a license beforehand.

The Gaming Industry Witnessed a Rise of Online Scams

At the moment, there are many unlicensed sites that offer their services to Aussie punters, so before you join one, make sure you choose only an online platform you can trust. Our OnlineCasinoAussie experts and pro gamers themselves analyze more than twenty indicators of the safety of the platform before including it into the pool of online casino Australia


Also, as we have mentioned above, the regulator is established with the purpose of banning these unregistered platforms and making sure that the players are safe. Keeping players secure while they are playing is now more vital than ever, especially in AU. Data, extracted from, showed that during Covid-19, online wagering witnessed a 67% rise in customers.

ACMA Continue to Follow Consumer Complaints

The authority decided to act after receiving many complaints about unlicensed websites and information that they had been targeting Australians. Complaints have ranged from people who have faced one of the following situations:


  • the website has treated them poorly;
  • the online mobile casino has withheld their winnings;
  • the provider has accessed funds from their bank accounts without permission;
  • the illegal operator has closed its service and their money disappears;
  • the platform has been blocked and their money disappears.


Broadly speaking, players have lost significant amounts of money through the unofficial sites refusing to honor their deposits and winnings golden crown casino login. By blocking access to such websites, ACMA is taking action to stop illegal operators from affecting the lives of Aus residents.

ACMA Banned more Unregistered Servers

Thanks to ACMA’s action, the campaign on unregistered gaming sites was started in 2019, and since then, almost 300 sites have been banned, while 150 offshore operators have been pulled out of the AU market.


Now, though, the regulated body has decided to put the crack on both online mobile casino operators and affiliates. For this, the authority launched an investigation into the highest value brands which have been generating a good amount of traffic by promoting/advertising gambling online in any way.

Blocked Illegal Affiliates

In the latest crackdown, the authority has requested service providers to suspend access to such five illegal affiliate partners as Australian Casino Sites, AU Online Casino, Pokies Online Casino, and AusCasino, among others. 

Blocked Online Mobile Casino Sites

Recently, they banned five more unauthorized mobile servers that targeted Aussies, including Juicy Stakes, Koala Royal Casino, Jackpot Jill, Grand Rush, and National Casino. Also, in its latest move, the regulator requested the shutdown of, one of the biggest unregistered casinos in the country. Two gaming platforms were also added to the list, including Pokies Parlor and Ninja Spins. 


The regulator has already requested all ISPs to restrict access to these operators so that players may not stumble upon them browsing. Even though some VPNs’ security gaps are still possible, a relevant block from all internet service providers would mean that a significant number of networks will fail anyway, offering a further layer of safety for customers.

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