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Popular Hollywood Celebrities with Casino Fever

Celebrities are known for their lavish habits like taking expensive vacations to exotic destinations, visiting opulent resorts, driving customized luxury vehicles, living in multi-million dollar mansions and more. Just like that, some of them are very fond of gambling as well. Compared to their expensive habits, it’s no surprise they have a slight gambling fever. They often go for secret getaways to world-famous gambling locations such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City to try out their luck in gambling.

If you do a web search, you can find plenty of paparazzi clicks of Hollywood celebrities sneaking into world-famous casino resorts. Some of them are gambling just because they are interested, while others, on the other hand, are addicted to the fun activity. Due to privacy issues, some celebrities prefer to practice online gambling, while others go on real live land-based casino gambling. If you are wondering who these Hollywood celebs literally can’t live without gambling, we are here to enlighten you. 

This blog post will unravel the list of Hollywood celebrities who share a keen interest in gambling. Let’s jump ahead and see the list; enjoy your reading!


Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is known for his outstanding acting skills and problem-making character. He often comes into the spotlight for creating unwanted troubles in life. We don’t know whether it’s a publicity stunt or natural. However, he remained a centre of attraction and an actor with exceptional acting skills.


The two and half men actor is reportedly seen out gambling and often appears on the news for his casino addiction. Even though he was on the list of highest-paid actors in the world, it seems he wasn’t satisfied with that either.


Sheen also suffered from alcoholic and drug abuse along with extensive gambling habits. That caused him a lot of trouble, and he got replaced by his iconic TV show, two and a half men.


When it comes to gambling, he is known for his sports betting skills. And according to his partner, he spends $20000 on average weekly for the same. He also got titled as an ambassador for a popular sportsbook which he later shared a partnership.


Ben Affleck


Ben was a notable Hollywood actor during the 2000s, and during that time, he developed a great passion for the art of gambling. We are unsure about what happened later as his presence in the limelight decreased.


 According to reports, he was enduring alcohol addiction which reduced his prominence. However, before getting too late, he realized the issue and admitted himself to a rehabilitation facility in California. 


Later he returned to Hollywood, which awarded him a prestigious outlook in the entertainment world. However, there are no records of him being a gambling addict but a moderate gambler. 


He was very fond of popular casino games such as Blackjack, Teen Patti, Holdem Texas, Roulette and Poker. He managed to win nearly $ 1 million playing blackjack and $50000 from participating in poker tournaments; well done, Affleck!


Toby Maguire


Toby Maguire was undoubtedly a great actor and also a great gambler. Unlike other celebrities on our list, Maguire ensured not to engage in trouble-making scenarios. He was a responsible gambler who never had to be confronted by any gambling addiction. 


He often enjoyed his passion for participating in live gambling games. The most exciting game in his career was playing with Ben Affleck, which he eventually lost. But still, he shared with the media that it was quite the tournament he had ever had in his life.


 His fans appreciated the amount of sportsmanship the actor carried.

Even though Tobey never got himself in trouble, he got accused of being a part of the illegal gambling community, which he refused altogether.


Brad Pitt


We can’t resist talking about celebrity gamblers without mentioning Brad Pitt in it. Pits’ story is unique as he was not interested in gambling before his movie Ocean’s 11.


 After portraying a significant role in a movie related to gambling, he couldn’t resist the urge to engage in gambling. Ever since that, he has been enjoying the activity now and then. And often can be found in luxury casino resorts in las vegas, Atlantic City and Los Angeles.


Last Words


As you can see, even celebrities with dreamy fortunes love enjoying gambling. That means gambling doesn’t have to be about money and rewards but also unlimited fun and entertainment. 


That proves there is nothing not nice about engaging in gambling for fun and refreshing your mind. As it holds a therapeutic power to fix our mind instantly from all the stress we endure. 


All you need to do is make sure you will be a responsible gambler. That will help you to eliminate all the unwanted troubles often linked with gambling. 


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