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What is cyber football?

Virtual football is becoming more and more popular. He especially greatly increased his audience during the quarantine – due to the coronavirus, ordinary sports were put on hold. And, at least, a part of the fans “at nearby” became interested in the “cyber version”. We recommend Betwinner apk download to place better bets. The number of bets on top tournaments in this computer discipline has increased. What strategies do experts advise following?

FIFA has its favorites, and it is worth taking bets on them

An important caveat: don’t confuse virtual football with real football. It is not influential here, by and large, which teams, which clubs take the field in the simulators. All the same, equal teams are managed by only two people, and everything depends on who knows the scripts better and knows how to use them in Betwinner app. Decides mastery of the joystick and understanding of the general strategy of the mini-match. As a rule, bookmakers fairly objectively assess the strength of cyber football players. 



Photo by jason charters on Unsplash
Photo by jason charters on Unsplash

So you can take the results, or options similar to them – negative handicaps, clean wins, etc. Even a coefficient of 1.30 is considered profitable by experts – matches in this discipline are fast-paced, and you can fill a good bank relatively quickly. 

An alternative is to use “catch-up”, choosing meetings with higher coefficients. But here you still need to use your bank rationally so that you have enough for the bet, which allows you to cover at least 3-4 failures in a row with a surplus.

You can also read other useful information about eSports betting. For example, Endeavour Rx.

You can always expect a goal

Although the game is much shorter than a real football match, the simulator is designed to encourage attacking action. Here, the attack is generally stronger than the defense. As a rule, worthy opponents rarely end the meeting “dry” – in this respect, cyber football resembles rather than real hockey. You don’t know what to bet on – take “both will score”. The only serious minus is 1: and the coefficients are not impressive, rarely rising above the level of 1.3, or even 1.25. But no one forbids collecting several eSports matches and making an express from identical bets on them.


A better strategy

All selected options are divided into systems. In this case, the “2 out of 10” option is used. It can be created independently, with proper experience. Or using the created online calculators of the systems. Similar ones are found in a minute’s search and are usually freely available without downloading

  • In football, everyone is waiting for goals. But at the same time, there are usually not many of them. Dry statistics show that the hosts of the arena typically win – about half of the matches, even now, when there are no fans in the stands. One of the most popular scores in major championships is the final 1-0. Approximately 12-13 percent of meetings end this way. And you can build a strategy on this.
  • The options with an accurate account pay well, and you can make money from it
  • At 1-0 in favor of the home team, the coefficient is only set at the level of 5.0-7.0. You can earn by yourself by guessing which match will bring just such a final result. But experts advise trying the “strategy of doubles”. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps.

The algorithm requires sequential execution of stages

First, serious preparatory work is carried out. Do not make random bets: studying the statistics of the clubs, there are 10 matches that will take place in the near future, and which can, with a high probability, bring exactly 1-0 to the hosts. There are a number of championships where this happens especially often. This is the French Ligue 1, the highest divisions of Portugal and Greece. 

However, in the well-known Russian Premier League, a similar result also appears in almost any round. If everything is done correctly, in order to win, the player needs at least 2 of the 10 match coupons to end exactly with the indicated score of 1-0. As a result, the express, even one out of two such events, even with odds of 5.0, already provide a serious profit. And if the analysis was carried out qualitatively, and more meetings from the selected 10 will bring 1-0, then you can make a profit many times over in 1 weekend.

Questions and answers

Where is the best place to bet?

Checked bookmakers.

What amounts to bet?

Depends on your wishes and chosen strategy.



Can you bet without experience?

So. But you need a certain strategy.


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