Posted on June 20, 2022 at 11:35 am

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Tips regarding self-care and personal wellness

No matter how you’re feeling whether your mind is crippled full of thunderstorms or cheerful as a kid with an ice cream cone, self-care is a desired necessity you should incorporate for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis. In other words, spending a bit of me-time, would definitely aid you to feel all stress-free and relieved through diverse tips you might love such as warm hydrotherapy baths, fresh outdoor walks, cuddling with some popcorn and a movie, and much more.

Below are some useful tips and advice regarding ways you can further initiate yourself with self love and wellness.

Find something you love to do!

Self-love ideas can come in all shapes and sizes! Whether it’s talking to friends, taking a breath of fresh air, and/or even playing video games, there’s literally anything you can do to practice self-care! As long as it’s an activity you enjoy and is portrayed as stress-free towards you, start developing it in your life! (Feel free to take as many self-care ideas as you want!) 

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Take that to be your self-care weapon!

However many self-care ideas you choose to implement in your life for at least 30 minutes, allow that to be your secret self-care weapon! In other words, let your idea(s) manipulate your moment to stay stress free, happy, and relieved in the best way possible! You deserve it! Go treat yourself to something wonderful!

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Manage your time wisely.

Finding a great time is very important when it comes to practicing self-care. Specifically, it’s best to look forward to a self-love treat after you had a long, busy day at work or a tiring afternoon full of exams. More so, it’s best to finish your priorities before engaging yourself in a stressful free zone. That way, you’re more relieved you don’t have to go through that busy time again during the day.

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Think positive!

It’s understandable that times can be tough, but staying strong and thinking positive, will help you get through the best you can. Even if you’re coming from a bad day at work/school or experiencing a hardship, practicing some self care and embracing positivity within yourself thinking everything will be fine, will 100% make you feel stronger as a person who will be able to overcome difficult obstacles.

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Here are some self care ideas:

  • Going on a long walk listening to your favorite music.
  • Going stargazing on a clear night sky.
  • Snuggling in your bed watching a nice movie.
  • Reading a calm book/novel.
  • Cooking your favorite meal or baking your desired dessert.
  • Relaxing at a pool.
  • Dressing up in your favorite outfit and taking pictures. (Like a fun mini self photoshoot!)
  • Journaling with different colored pens/markers.
  • Soothing yoga with calm music.
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