Posted on February 11, 2022 at 10:42 am

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The interesting ODI cricket

Cricket can be played in many forms. They vary in different parameters, such as length, number of innings or overs, and any online bet is available on 1xBet on all these cricket forms. Some of these kinds are:


  • Test matches;
  • limited overs;
  • Twenty20 Internationals;
  • and also, One Day Internationals or ODI matches.


ODI can be considered a form of limited-overs cricket. The amount of overs is adjusted by the different cricket boards from time to time. However, during recent years it has been set to fifty. Yet, this doesn’t mean that matches are short. In fact, on average, these matches can be 9-hours long, and at any moment they are available to bet on 1xBet online, which is the best site for this purpose.

The beginnings of ODI

During most of its history, cricket was not played with any field restrictions. In other words, fields could be of any size, as long as they kept the area where the batsmen are located. However, Australia decided to introduce change to the games by setting a size for the field. This happened in the early 1980s. Later, in 1992, it was proposed to limit how many fielders were located outside of the circle during most of the match. This is what gave rise to what is currently known as One Day Internationals, which is available at the 1xBet – best cricket betting platform for all bettors.


However, in order to consolidate the game into what is currently known as ODI, some other rules were introduced. For example, there were adjustments in the power plays, such as the moment of the match on which they could be played. In general, One Day Internationals tend to be quite dynamic, in the sense that all the time there are adjustments to its rules and regulations. This gives rise to new and exciting forms of the sport, which are available at the best cricket betting platform, which is 1xBet, and it gives multiple winning chances.

Differences with other forms of cricket

There are many ways on which ODI cricket can be distinguished from other forms of the sport. The most notable differences are with Test matches. The latter can take up to five days to finish, while the former, as its name implies, are finished within one day. This gives rise to new and dynamic wagers on cricket, which is available at the website for all punters.

Also, in ODI cricket there is a single innings per squad. On the other hand, in Test matches, each team plays two innings. In One Day Internationals, there are 50 overs per innings. However, in Test matches, there is no fixed number of overs. Despite these differences, both forms of cricket, which are available at 1xBet, can be really exciting.

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