Posted on February 23, 2022 at 1:34 pm

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I Was Injured at Work, Now What? Learn How to Make a Claim

No one ever wants to get involved in an accident, regardless of how minor the injury is. But unfortunately, some accidents happen that are out of a person’s control, and the only thing that remains is to act immediately, seek medical attention and report it. 

When it comes to accidents at the workplace, employees are eligible for workers’ comp. Employers must provide it for every one of their workers if such an unfortunate incident occurs. Indeed, companies have to adhere to health and safety regulations as it is necessary for any work environment to be as hazard and danger-free as possible, ensuring their employees a safe place where they can fulfil their tasks. Whether you work in construction or an office, it is of the utmost importance to make sure the employer takes their employees’ health and safety seriously and updates regulations frequently.

The not-so-good news is that even if health and safety measures are appropriately updated and in place, accidents may still happen. This is a reality – one that must be acknowledged and addressed so that anyone involved in such an unfortunate incident knows what to do. This way, you know and can follow the necessary steps, from seeking medical attention to recording the accident as soon as possible.

If you are injured as an employee, and the accident happened through no fault of your own, it is essential to mention that you can claim compensation for a workplace accident. The amount you can receive depends on the severity of the accident and injury, and there are certain things you need to do to build a solid case. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

It is better to be safe than sorry, so here is what you need to do in case you are injured at work and want to make a claim: 


Attend To Your Injury and Seek Medical Attention

First things first. Regardless of how minor the injury seems to be, you must take it seriously and attend to it accordingly. Even the most minor wound or injury can have severe repercussions if not properly taken care of on time. For this reason, it is crucial you seek medical attention as soon as the accident happens. 

If you can move and calling an emergency medical team is unnecessary, you can make use of a first-aid kit and go to the nearest hospital for further checks. On the other hand, if the injury appears severe, seeking medical attention and calling 911 should definitely be taken into consideration. In seriously grave cases, an emergency medical team will be called for you. 


Report The Accident! And Add It into The Accident Book

Because the accident took place at work and you weren’t responsible for it happening, it is of the utmost importance to report it to your colleagues and manager. In some cases, depending on the employer and how large the company is, you may have to report it to the HR department.

Apart from the fact that reporting an accident can support the company in eliminating the risk or danger which caused it and ensuring a safer work environment, this also helps you when you want to file a compensation claim. Reporting and recording an accident in the company’s accident book ensures a proper investigation can take place. This way, no one can dispute the occurrence of the accident.


Gather Information That Can Prove the Accident

The more evidence you gather, the stronger the case you build. As mentioned earlier, reporting and recording the accident as soon as it happened – or having someone do it on your behalf if you are unable to due to an affected health condition – represent vital information. This can count as evidence.

In addition to this, there are other things that count as evidence, which you should try to gather as many as you can. If possible, visual proof in the form of photographs, or even better, CCTV footage, will be incredibly useful. This way, when it comes to filing a compensation claim, you have indisputable proof. In addition, witness statements are also crucial as they can corroborate how the events have unfolded. This, together with medical evidence and a professional medical provider’s opinion and diagnoses, can help you a great deal to get the compensation you deserve so you can cover all expenses and financial losses you have suffered. 


Hire A Specialised Personal Injury Lawyer

Claiming compensation for workplace personal injury can be an overwhelming and stressful process and experience. For this reason, you want to make it as less traumatic as possible. Going through such an accident can be pretty scary, and apart from physical damage, you will be subject to emotional and mental distress as well. 

Therefore, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer who specialises in these types of cases and can offer professional support for individuals who have suffered a workplace injury and want to make a compensation claim. Their expertise and skills are much needed. They can support you throughout the entire process, gathering much-needed evidence, negotiating your claim and having your best interest at heart. Plus, they work on a no win, no fee basis, so you will only pay them a considerable percentage for their services if the claim is won and you receive compensation. 


Keep A Diary of Expenses, Symptoms and Other Details

Apart from gathering the evidence mentioned above from early on, it is vital you record every change in symptoms and keep a record of all expenses throughout the entire period. This will demonstrate how severe the personal injury is and how long it takes to recover from it. Therefore, you should keep track of your symptoms and hospital visits, and any changes in diagnosis and treatment may occur. 

In addition, it is crucial also to keep a record of all the expenses and financial losses as they occur. This way, the compensation you receive will be fair and fitting for everything you need to spend to treat the injury and recover. Apart from covering all these expenses, workplace accident claims help victims cover any loss of income suffered due to inability to work. An essential and noteworthy mention would be to take photos of all receipts and include them in your diary – these will be proof – and hand them to your personal injury lawyer.

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