Posted on December 21, 2021 at 8:57 pm

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What the Future Looks Like for Online Gaming in India



Since 1867, there has never been a straightforward answer to any form of gambling in India. The country has national legislation on gambling. Two pieces of legislation were enacted before the internet existed:


  • The Public Gambling Act of 1867 – Prohibits any gambling activities.


  • The Prize Competition Act of 1955 – Prohibits competitions where the winnings exceed a prize pool of one thousand rupees per month.


  • The Information Technology Act of 2000 – Does not state that online gambling is illegal.


India has twenty-seven autonomous states. Each state has its sovereignty and contrasting rules for online gambling. Furthermore, there is also a differentiation made between games of chance and games of skill.


Newbies to gambling can find all this a bit daunting. We suggest players go to to reduce any confusion when it comes to betting online.

The Present

The present-day laws on gambling online in India are somewhat vague and inflexible. Still, despite these gambling laws, the industry has had a phenomenal boom over the past 11 years. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unavoidable lockdown gave rise to the need for digital entertainment, which led to an exponential increase and participation in smartphone gambling, online gambling, and increased sports betting. There is evidence showing that 80% of adults in India gamble online at least once a year. Further evidence suggests that 40% of all internet users in India gamble online. Barriers such as class and financial status are a thing of the past. Currently, the Government of India is unable to reap the benefits from online gambling due to its illegality. Lawmakers are starting to notice the dangers to players and the potential economic benefits legalization will have on the country’s economy.

The eventuality of law reform in favor of monetizing gambling in the country will lead to an increase in online gambling even among novices and casual players alike. New players will need to do some research to protect themselves. An excellent place to start is at CasinoWings. Here they can check the licensing and credentials of the casino they choose. 


Without a doubt, the gambling industry in India will keep expanding as masses of new players join every day despite the perceived negativity surrounding it.  There is a steady shift towards a more positive view about gambling in India as accessibility, availability, and affordability to technology increases.  Developers have started to incorporate casino games with Hindi culture. There are technological advancements in virtual reality. Players will relish their favorite games as if they are standing at the gaming table or slot machine. The government of India will need to modernize gambling laws. The Legitimizing of online casinos will generate revenue, create thousands of jobs, and create new areas of taxation for the government. In parallel, it will protect the Indian gambling community from illegal casino sites where they risk their money and security.

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