Posted on December 7, 2021 at 9:38 pm

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5 Tips For Adjusting Your Bet Sizes When Playing Online Blackjack

While interactive games have come to be the most popular option for casino players in recent years, virtual table games are also booming at a tremendous rate. Blackjack is one of these legendary games that have caught the attention of online casino players worldwide. The game features simple rules since the player only needs to get a score of 21 or get a combination of cards closest to the number, without exceeding it. Additionally, there’s a high chance that you’ll double your cash on every hand.

In the classic gambling establishments, there are always multiple tables designated for the game, with players competing against the dealer. That offers an exciting gambling experience and developers have managed to replicate this offering in modern online casinos where players can enjoy blackjack at the convenience of their homes. You can read more about playing the game online on this page before you consider placing a wager.

The key thing about blackjack and most table games is to determine a betting system, including a strategy that will increase your winning chances while keeping your balance and avoiding excess losses. However, the main difference between blackjack and other casino games is that you shouldn’t expect big wins unless you choose to raise your bets.  Here are blackjack betting tips that will help you choose the size of your bets.

Avoid Getting Lured

We all know how exciting it can feel when the dealer is dealing you great cards several times in a row. However, most players tend to make a mistake by ignoring the odds of the game. For instance, if you win three consecutive games and have a decent amount in your bankroll, it’s normal to assume that you’ll win more money. However, the biggest mistake you can make is feeling like it’s your lucky day.

In blackjack, the odds favor both the dealer and the players, so the statistics favor the dealer more with each hand that the player wins in a row. As such, players should avoid increasing their bets and getting lured. Their best option is cashing out after such a winning streak, maintaining their stake at the same amount, or lowering it to avoid losing their winnings.

Establish a Strict Betting System

The best way to be efficient in blackjack is to have a betting system to determine your goals and targets. For instance, if you wager $100 using your account and you plan to play more, the best solution will be to start betting $2 or $4, keeping in mind that the player and the dealer have the same odds. That means that raising your stake is a great option after losing several hands in a bid to recover your losses.

After winning a bigger bet than your last wager, it’s wise to consider lowering your stake to ensure you stay in the game longer. However, you should make sure you follow the rules as the game can be quite addictive and most people tend to lose focus of what matters, which leads to their failure at the end of their adventure.

Is Splitting Ok?

The chance to split the cards is always an excellent way to multiply your win in a single hand. However, blackjack players should avoid splitting each card combination. For instance, splitting a pair of fives or tens decreases your winning chances. However, splitting aces, eights and nines is recommendable as there’s a good chance that you’ll get a ten in the net dealt card.

Stick To the Plan

Blackjack players should always implement a system that always plays on the same rule on every hand no matter the stake. For example, the system can be about aiming for the blackjack, even when you have 17 at hand.

The best combination with such a strategy will be increasing your wager after losing a hand and repeating the same after losing consecutively. However, you should reset your betting strategy after winning the first hand and start over again. That will help you maintain the balance in your betting strategy, avoid losses and hold out until you eventually win.

Be Aggressive

If you decide to play aggressively, have a budget, and don’t repay the game. For instance, you can deposit $100 in your account and start betting $5 on the firsthand. You can increase your bet after every hand, but keep in mind that luck is the biggest factor when using this strategy. However, you can get huge profits with this strategy, unless you get a losing strike in your later bets because you’ll lose flexibility.

Bottom Line

The key to remaining successful when playing blackjack is to understand the rules of the game and check the house edge. Many professional players also advise everyone to avoid taking the insurance option and focus on a specific betting system.

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