Posted on June 24, 2021 at 5:00 am


How to run a truck company effectively and retain your long-haul drivers

When you are driving a truck for a living, it can easily become a challenging job, and it is understandable for long-haul drivers to become exhausted due to the demands of the job. They can be on the road from one week to even a month, as they might have cross-country routes or even international ones. Besides, more often than not, truck drivers have to spend the night at designated rest stops along the way if they are unable to reach their accommodation. As they are driving a high number of hours, it is of the utmost importance they rest and avoid driving when feeling tired.

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For this reason, if you own a trucking company, it is vital you facilitate your drivers’ long journeys by providing updated truck software and that the vehicles are in the best condition. Therefore, in order to retain your drivers, it is crucial to emphasize that their safety is a top priority for you. What’s more, given the nature of the job, it is vital you purchase an insurance plan.


Get the insurance you need

Regardless of the type of trucking company you have and what kind of products you transport – whether you haul construction materials, retail items, food, or any other goods – it is crucial you get an insurance plan to cover any financial losses. It doesn’t matter the size of the load, or if you transport products to individuals or other businesses, the risk of the job is a reality, given that drivers spend a great deal of time on the road.

For instance, to effectively run a truck company, you might want to consider getting bobtail insurance if drivers are required to load and unload the truck, forcing them to drive it without a trailer on long distances. Accidents can happen anytime, and without this insurance plan, you no longer have financial coverage when a truck is on the road without its trailer for commercial purposes. This means that, without this type of insurance, drivers are no longer protected when they are in between loads and not carrying anything. For this reason, the liability-only policy of a bobtail truck insurance is highly needed. 

Facilitate the driving experience

In order to retain your long-haul drivers and ensure that the company is working successfully with highly skilled drivers, it is crucial you facilitate the driving experience. An effective way of doing this is by guaranteeing that the vehicles are in an excellent condition. Therefore, regular vehicle maintenance should be a priority to make sure there are no issues with the trucks and that they are safe to use. What’s more, it is of the utmost importance you invest in the latest technologies and software programs that can enhance the driving experience. One example of this is driver routing, which can help drivers plan their trips and ensure that they take the fastest, most efficient route, providing drivers with convenient real-time tips and navigation on where to turn as well as alerting them of unexpected changes in the road.

Furthermore, an efficient method of retaining your drivers is by providing training. Truck companies that value their employees’ growth and safety will be highly desired, and it will increase the loyalty of their current drivers. Training should be done if the company purchases new software programs and improved truck versions. This way, not only will the drivers become better acquainted with new vehicles or the latest technology, but it will also ensure a safe driving experience.

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