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Stainless steel wall shelf

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Stainless steel wall shelves are indispensable attributes of the professional kitchen of catering establishments. Having various shapes, sizes, purposes and designs, they easily serve to expand the functional space in the room. Such equipment for the kitchen can be installed on tables, sinks, screwed to the walls, it can have several modules and tiers. Such models are made of high quality food grade stainless steel and are designed specifically for professional kitchens in cafes and restaurants of other establishments.

Stainless Steal

The use of a stainless steel wall shelf optimizes tools and other accessories for work, allows you to correctly store dishes, tools and other accessories for work. Using such equipment optimizes tools and other accessories for work, allows you to properly store utensils, tools and other accessories for work.

What types of restaurant stainless steel shelving are there?

In fact, there are no uniform types of stainless steel wall mounted as such on the market. There are some which are more used, so to speak, universal, but you can also order shelves specifically for your placement with the desired dimensions and components. Among the universal shelves, one can distinguish:

  • Single-level, two-level, three-level. Most often they are used for storing kitchen utensils and dishes.
  • Dish drying shelves. They have a sturdy lattice structure.

There are no doors that the staff would spend a lot of time opening and closing, everything you need is literally at hand.

Since they are made of stainless steel, the finished product has additional advantages:

  • Durability;
  • Resistance to aggressive influences;
  • Withstand loads;
  • Hygienic.

Stainless steel shelves can be made with different numbers of shelves, different sizes, with the required distance between levels. Depending on the space in the kitchen and the need.

To buy a suitable stainless steel wall shelf, pay attention to the characteristics of the room. It should be based on the available space and plan its use in advance:

  • The form. The food-grade stainless steel shelf is manufactured in a standard shape. Many people prefer models with collars to prevent falls, rack for drying dishes and other configurations.
  • Correct depth. Stainless steel shelves should be large enough. You can accurately calculate this indicator if you know the dimensions of the product that will be stored on its surface. The average is from 40 cm.
  • Number. When it comes to the average professional kitchen, stainless kitchen shelves are usually ordered in quantities of four or more.

None of the catering establishments can cope with the delivery of dishes at rush hour or for banquets if the processes in the kitchen are not optimized as much as possible. Even with the preparation of a small number of dishes in the kitchen where the workflow is not optimized and the cook’s workplace is not prepared for the cyclical delivery of dishes, the work turns into the constant rearrangement of all dishes in different corners of the kitchen. This is exactly the problem that restaurant stainless steel shelving  can cope with.

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