Posted on February 7, 2021 at 7:54 pm

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Has Streaming Tech Changed How We Work?

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Almost every industry has been boosted by technology in the last 20 years. From the obvious to the surprising, tech enhancements have streamlined processes and improved ways of life – drivers get a ton of benefits from the accessories in their cars, computer users can avoid spam with software that runs in the background, and so on. As the tech is no longer new to us, we’re beginning to see how it can be cleverly put to use to further our careers. How far can modern tech, such as streaming, help improve traditional ways of doing things – such as finding and keeping a job? 

Tech Boosts the Job Market

Streaming has changed how people can train for jobs and changed the dynamic of the workplace. Interviews can be conducted virtually, and communication can be upheld through video conferencing. Video calls have already shown how easy it is to communicate with family and friends back home when on vacation or as an expat, so why shouldn’t that principle be applied to business?

A survey conducted by HR professionals Gartner discovered that 86% of organizations surveyed had conducted some kind of virtual interview during 2020 – with the figure set to increase as we realize how beneficial expanding the hiring pool could be. Indeed, a study from 2018 identified that 52% of workers worked from home at least one day a week. A 2017 study found that the same figure was attained when looking at US-only employees – showing that perhaps this figure will continue to grow throughout the world in the years to come. However, only 18% of people work remotely full-time. So, it shows that while streaming has enabled workplace dynamics to change, four-fifths of people still visit their workplace. 36% of employees would pick remote working over a raise if given the choice. Video conferencing is beginning to hit its stride. 87% of those who stream meetings found that they felt more connected to colleagues. 90% of those surveyed claimed that video helped them to make their point better than in-person meetings. Inadequacy in video conferencing could lead to losses totaling $34 billion – which shows just how important it is becoming for businesses. While streaming has enhanced our entertainment, it has also boosted how we work. Streaming has also made training easier. Courses can be run around the world and almost anyone can join them. This means that you are no longer restricted by where you live if a course that could boost your professional development is taking place in another country. For instance, Studyportals outlines a variety of short courses that can be undertaken remotely and part-time to improve employability. 

Has Streaming Tech Changed How We Work?

SOURCE: Unsplash 

Streaming Transforms the Traditional

Streaming has proven itself to be effective in transforming traditional industries into ones that utilize the latest technology. For example, FOX Sports developed an immersive app experience to change sports fans’ perspectives of watching baseball. The app allows viewers to stream games live, to see additional information such as stats and facts, and to even see extra camera angles to personalize their experiences. 


This helps keep the age-old sport fresh for viewers as we move towards an increasingly tech-focused world. As for options for playing games such as live poker and live roulette, the traditional casino industry has adapted to offer customers something that utilizes modern technology. Live casino games take the basic gameplay of poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps and allow players to see a live dealer throughout the game. This helps ramp up the tension. The online setting on providers like Betway also provides more scope for varying the options provided, too. All this shows how streaming technology can be deployed across the entertainment field. Elsewhere, we can see that streaming has been effectively used by the museums and heritage industries. It’s important, while we continue to become more tech-focused, that we also remember to consider our history. From the British Museum to the Museum d’Orsay in Paris and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, there are countless streamed museum and gallery tours. Not only does this help connect people with culture, but it removes the physical barrier of having to travel overseas to see it in person.

Streaming is just one of the tech tools that are changing how we live and work. It goes beyond just giving us opportunities to watch our favorite TV shows. Not only can it improve our work-life balance, but it can give people new opportunities. It’s clear that traditional industries have found streaming a huge benefit and the future will see more examples of the traditional being enhanced through what streaming can offer.

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