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Popular Up and Coming Games in India and How to Get Good at Them

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Caption: Mobile gaming platforms and lobbies are bringing more players together than ever before.

Online gaming is seeing unprecedented growth in many territories around the world at the moment, but none more so than in India, where multiple factors have aligned so that gaming of all varieties is launching into the stratosphere.

Some of these contributing factors include the low cost of mobile devices as well as the internet connections needed to run online games on them.

Then there is also the attention that the Indian consumer has begun to receive from both home-grown gaming companies and multi-national gaming firms, all of whom want a piece of the Indian gaming pie.

Of course, what this all means for Indian gamers is that there is a whole load of brand new or updated games out there to try. Some are more daunting than others to get into, but with a little practice, all of them can be enjoyed to the fullest by everyone. In this article, we explain how.



Card Games Dealing up Thrills and Spills

Thanks to many great online card games, there is no need for card-playing aficionados to carry physical cards.

Indians are certainly buying into the online card game craze, with the industry growing by up to a whopping 40% in 2020 alone.

Leading this charge are games such as Callbreak and poker, both of which are easy to start but can be very tricky to master, thus increasing their appeal to wide audiences. When it comes to learning both games there is a plentiful supply of free online sources out there for new players who wish to get to grips with the intricacies of this popular variation of Spades or the four major variations of what is known as Texas Hold’em poker or even Spider Solitaire Game. There are many sites that have online solitaire today on the internet.

Once players are up to speed, they will find that there is no end to the amount of training and learning that can be done for such games, which is part of the reason why so many Indians are flocking in droves to play them in the first place. Training programs such as Raise Your Edge or Upswing Poker are great avenues for those players who have already advanced to intermediate or advanced levels of the game.

Caption: Ludo has become so much more than a game for many Indians, with people using the game to socialize with friends and meet new people


Online Ludo So Popular it has Its Own Netflix Show

Ludo has always been a beloved game in India, but since the game started being rolled out on apps and online, its popularity has been taken to new levels, so much so that for many people it has become more than just a game.

This is due to versions like Ludo King, which not only allow players to test their wits against friends or strangers but also acts as something of a chat room, where people from all backgrounds can connect.

Such has been the uptake of the game online that a Netflix show has recently been released in its honour. Watching the show will not give you too many pointers on how to play, but there are plenty of free resources you can find online that will.


Battle Royale Games Are Talk of the Town

While board games and card games are fun to play, in no way do they use the full capabilities that modern mobile devices have at their disposal.

For those looking to push their devices to the limit, there are all-action battle royale blasters like Garena FreeFire and Call of Duty. However, such games can take a while to master.

For players to improve, there really is no substitute for putting in the hours in the gaming lobbies, but there are some excellent video game coaches at places like who can help speed the process up. There are also countless online articles, forums, and blogs where you can find the little-known tips and tricks that will help you to go to the next level, so seek them out, and become a great gamer.

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