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This Is Why An Online Casino Mobile App Makes Sense: Start Now!

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Why lookout for mobile online casino apps when I can play mobile online casino games on my laptop at home? Sounds like a legitimate question at first, but what if you want to play on the couch. Apps for smartphones and tablets are mobile applications. When you take the subway to the office, you simply pull your cell phone out of your pocket and you are ready to go. 

This mobility is the most important aspect when it comes to the question of the purpose of the online casino app. Not only can you play on the way to the office, but also on the way home. Have you ever had the experience that the clock seems to stand still while waiting for appointments? Even in this situation, you will quickly learn to appreciate the casino apps.

And there is one more aspect of why apps have their right to exist. When looking at the mobile casino bonus conditions, it is noticeable that the free play period in many online casinos is not exactly generous. With the mobile apps, you use every free minute – even if the laptop is at home – meets the sales requirement.

5 tips for using online casino apps

They keep coming up: asking why games don’t work or credit isn’t topped up after signing up. If you want to use casino apps, our tips will help you with the first steps.

  • Tip 1: To use mobile apps for casino games like 888 blackjack, you need a stable internet connection with an adequate bandwidth. In urban areas, the whole thing is no longer a real problem. As soon as you sit on the train, for example, the bandwidth drops – and the game can be interrupted. 
  • Tip 2: Always keep an eye on the battery level of your smartphone and tablet. Playing with the casino app demands the processor and the display. You will notice very quickly how the charge indicator drops. If the battery is a little “weak on the chest”, mobile gambling could be over soon.
  • Tip 3: Many mobile online casinos use instant play for their apps. Where you can find casino apps for download, you should definitely check the app’s system requirements. In particular, a smartphone that is getting on in years may no longer necessarily keep up. 
  • Tip 4: Allow installation for third-party apps. This point is particularly important for native casino apps. Without this permission, someone cannot install mobile applications. 
  • Tip 5: Always pay attention to the data consumption of the apps. With 10 GB of high-speed volume, you probably don’t need to worry. However, many casino fans are still traveling with significantly smaller data packets.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the mobile online casino app

Do I always need a cutting-edge smartphone to play?

No, it doesn’t have to be the cell phone that was introduced a month ago. Even two or three-year-old smartphones usually get along well with the apps. Always pay attention to the system requirements – i.e. whether the operating system still fits.

Can I play for free in the casino on the move?

A corresponding range of functions is actually available for some games. These are usually mobile casino slots and RNG table games. In the Live Casino, on the other hand, you can only play mobile casinos for real money – so you always have to top up your user account with credit in the checkout area.

How do I unlock the mobile casino bonus packages with the app?

The mobile casino bonus conditions are always decisive at this point. Usually, it is not a problem to use a smartphone or tablet to meet the wagering requirement. There are typically only restrictions with regard to certain games.

How much money can I withdraw on my mobile device?

You can find information about this in the payment guidelines. These stipulate, among other things, the amount of a cash-out per week or month. When comparing casinos, the differences are significant.

Can a new user account be created with casino apps?

Yes, in general, it is possible to register a new account in the web apps. The situation can be slightly different for native apps, which you have to download and install on mobile devices. A user account may have to be created here using the desktop version.

When can I start using online casinos on my mobile phone?

In principle, you can only open an account in the online casino when you reach the majority’s age. This means that you cannot play with the app until you are 18 years old. The online casino app providers usually carry out age tests.

Are payments also possible via the apps?

General statements for all mobile casino apps are, of course, challenging. However, our practical experience shows that many internet casinos also incorporate a checkout area into their applications through which deposits and withdrawals are possible.

What is the bonus turnover that I have to earn with the app?

This is a fixed turnover. Mobile casino bonus money can only be paid out once this has been reached. You absolutely have to pay attention to whether the mobile online casino only uses the bonus amount or the sum of the calculation’s bonus and deposit. 

Why do the gaming tables on the mobile phone look different from the PC?

Differences in the design and look of the gaming tables are due to the limitations of the display. In other words: the diagonal on a mobile phone or tablet is significantly smaller than on a desktop PC. An aspect that affects the presentation. Developers are therefore rebuilding the design of the app a little compared to the PC.

Can you also play a jackpot slot mobile on the move?

In principle, it shouldn’t be a problem to take a few rounds at the Progressive Jackpot machines with your mobile phone while on the move. In tests, we noticed again and again that some providers do not exploit the full potential when it comes to usability. Unfortunately, the players are sometimes a bit difficult to find.

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