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These Ubtan based products will have you celebrate Diwali all year round!

Diwali is here! And boy are we excited! Growing up, Diwali was a huge festival that had to be celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendour. I remember I used to look forward to the abhyang snans with lot of ubtan and scented oils. I have personally loved ubtans so much that I ended up buying a lot of ubtan -based skincare when I grew up.

So what is ubtan?

Ubtan is a thick paste made by grounding sandalwood, cereals, chickpea flour,turmeric and other scented herbs. Ubtan is also applied on the faces, hands and legs of soon-to-be brides and grooms. The origin of Ubtan, takes us back to the era of Vedic times, when it was used to beautify and protect ones skin. The natural healing properties of the mixture are soothing and healing for the skin. In a time, when we are all conscious about reducing our paraben and sls usage in skincare products, Ubtan becomes a saviour. It can be used as an exfoliator or as a face-pack. You can also add drops of rose water to make it into a runny paste and use it to wash your face.

Can we use it all year round?

Ubtan is an essential part of the ayurvedic skin care rituals. The process of applying an ubtan is holistic and gives you a sense of wholesome cleanse. The ubtan is an all-rounder and can work all year round for all skin types. The base of any ubtan is made with these 3 essential things: an immunity booster, a base and some fats which when you look into a kitchen you will find haldi, flour (chickpea/gram flour) & essential oils that fulfil these requirements and so these are the most fundamental ingredients you will find in an ubtan. The variations help you solve target issues like fight acne, or reduce pigmentation, or cure signs of aging etc.

An ubtan is ideal all year round because in the warm, tardy summer months the key ingredients will help exfoliate, reduce signs of tanning and provide a cooling effect. During the months of cold, dry winters your skin needs hydration and moisturisation which is when the essential oil blend comes in handy. The rainy sticky icky months of the year where bacterial and viral infections are at their peak the antiseptic properties of Haldi helps your skin build immunity.

The ubtans are good for all ages and skin types and can provide great benefits if you start using them from an early age. Ubtans help you achieve the benefits of a scrub, a face pack and face mask all in one go and the experience of applying an ubtan gives an eternal sense of satisfaction and delight for the skin. Mansi Gupta, founder and CEO of Tjori says, “The goodness of ayurveda and demand for ayurvedic products has been on a rise ever since the world has realised the damaging effects of the synthetic and chemical based products. The versatility of Ubtans makes it a star product coming from the world of ayurveda. The complexities around us have forced us to make our everyday lives simpler and people are now trying to pick products that can solve for the overall well being of their skin and with the heavy marketing of the benefits of ubtans the conscious people are opting for them.

1) Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda has an Ubtan based soap-free cleanser, this 100 percent natural and Ayurvedic. It an an alternative to using soap and it won’t dry your skin.

2)WOW Skin Science

WOW Skin Science has an entire skincare line based on Ubtan. They have an Ubtan based serum, facewash, facepack and even scrub.

3)Mama’s Earth

Mama’s Earth also has an entire skincare lineup on Ubtan. They have Ubtan based facewash, facescrub, face pack and even Body Yogurt. Now you can smell fresh and of sandalwood all year long.

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4)Forest Essentials

If you are willing to indulge a bit more in your skincare routine, you can buy the Forest Essentials ‘Soundarya’, an Ubtan based facial treatment mask. It is also 100 percent natural and will gently exfoliate your skin.

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Auravedic is one of the most affordable Ayurvedic and skincare brands in the market. They have an Ubtan-based facepack, that is easy on your skin and your pockets.


The wellness brand Tjori has a range of Ubtans that are made for every skin type. Their products work wonders especially on sensitive skin.

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