Posted on July 11, 2020 at 8:17 pm

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The Best Investment Apps You Should Use

Whether people would want to admit it or not, people want to be rich. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you things that can make you happy. Most people work a job for a steady flow of income to sustain themselves, but let’s face it: some of it is not enough. One such way to get more money is to invest in stocks.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels
Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

Stocks are a part of a company that determines ownership. The more shares of a company that you have, the more that you have a say when it comes to making decisions in a company. To invest in stocks, you’ll need an investment app. There are lots of investment apps out there, but some work better than others.


Below are some of the best investment apps that you can use.


TD Ameritrade


TD Ameritrade is one of the best investment apps out there. Aside from stocks, the app also lets users manage other financial assets. Other financial assets that users can manage include traded funds, cryptocurrency, and fixed income investments, to name a few. There’s no minimum deposit required for the app, so users can do as they please with any amount.




This investment app is good for those looking to get into investing stocks. As it’s for beginners, Ally is user-friendly and is very easy to use. There’s also no amount of deposit required, so users can put in any amount of money they want.




Robinhood is an app that’s good for the investor who doesn’t want to deal with trading commissions. Other trading apps require buyers to give a small fee as a trading commission, and Robinhood doesn’t have that at all. The app has a simple interface and is user-friendly as well. Another great feature of this app is that the first $1,000 you deposit in your account is immediately given. With this feature, you can start trading immediately.




If you want your other family members or friends to trade in stocks with you, Stockpile is a good app to go. With Stockpile, you can buy stocks and convert them to gift cards. Once converted, you can give that gift card to someone you know. When they receive the gift card, they have the option to use it or trade it back to stock. This is a fun way to trade stock because not only do you earn, but also the people close to you.




Wealthbase combines social media and stock trading into one. Trading stocks are a given, but the social media part of this app is what makes it interesting. You can invite your friends to invest in stocks with you, and you can also see what stocks they invest in. Not only that, but you can also play games in the app with your friends as well.


Personal Capital


If you want a trading app that will keep you in check as you trade, Personal Capital is the investment app for you. Aside from stock trading, the app also acts as a financial manager. You can link your other financial accounts to the app so that you can budget your finances more clearly. What can set you back from the app is that you need to have at least $100,000 to be able to use the service. Aside from that, it’s a pretty solid investment app.




Investment apps are a big help when trading stocks. They’re easily accessible, as opposed to investment websites. When investing in stocks, you should always play it smart and know when to buy and sell to get the big payouts.

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