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Who Plays Lottery Games More? Poor or Rich People?

The lottery is one of the exciting and fascinating games for players. Anyone with a decent level of income would love to participate in the lottery and try their luck in this game of chance. The lottery is a brilliant game for individuals who fall into the category of financially stable people as well as the low-income group.

Ever wondered who participates in lottery more? The richer ones – who have enough money to live a decent life but want more – or the poor income group people who don’t have sufficient money but believe that the lottery could help them live a better life. Let’s find the answers.

Facts Based on Research

In the United States, it the lower income group people who are the active participants of the lottery. A research on the lottery game, scratch cards, lotto games, and other such luck-based games was conducted in the US. The research group took 400 participants. The results weren’t surprising at all. A majority of gamblers and people participated in the lottery games belonged to the low socioeconomic status groups, while the rich ones spend approx 10 days playing such games.

Spending Money on Lottery Games

The research clearly suggests that lottery games and gambling were preferred by people who can’t afford a decent life. It might come as a surprise to some, but these people don’t even hesitate before spending all their hard-earned income on lottery tickets. This is because these low-income groups people consider the lottery as the only possible opportunity to escape a low socio-economic status life. They think that someday they will win the lottery and get a chance to live a better life.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Another shocking research suggests that almost half of the lottery tickets were purchased by the poorest people in the economy. The lottery game developers earn most of their revenues from the poorest households. In 2014, lottery games became a top industry with a worth of 70.5 billion. On average, the lottery business is worth $300 contributed by every individual in the US. Once again, a major portion of this income is generated by poor households.

Buying Any Available Lottery Ticket

If research is to believe, rich people participate in the online lottery games that offer the best jackpot in return. However, poor households don’t even consider checking the prize offered by the game developers. They spent most of their income buying lottery tickets. This suggests that poor individuals are ready to get even the smallest prize. That is the reason why the daily gambling games such as scratch cards gained immense popularity in no time. Even though they offer only a fraction of those huge jackpots, poor households are happy to grab them.

Only the lucky gamblers manage to win these lottery prizes. Even if they manage to win, a fraction of this prize is contributed to the government services. That’s why the government promotes lottery games and earns its share of rewards.

Why is it the Poor Ones that Play Lottery More?

Many reasons can make poor people spend their money on lottery tickets. On such reason is that the poor households feel deprived of the facilities that a middle-class or wealthy family enjoys. For these people, the lottery seems the only possible option to make quick income and live their dream life.

According to studies and research, people who are not satisfied with their current lifestyle and believe that their regular work schedule is pointless are more likely to develop addictive gambling habits. They choose lottery and gambling games when their sole purpose of survival is to come out of the poverty and current condition (no matter how they do it). Moreover, the companions and surroundings matter when it comes to addictive habits. If you spend your time with gamblers or friends who spend their money on a lottery ticket, you will follow the same routes.

For poor households, the lottery is the ticket to a healthy and better life. They see the lottery as the way to new opportunities and better financial status. That is why half of the lottery tickets’ income is contributed by poor households.

Are Gambling and Lottery Good Options for Poor People?

Sure, that’s not a good habit. But if you see it from the poor people’s perspective, it only makes sense for them to think about their future and do something that could improve their financial condition. In fact, gambling and buying lottery tickets is good for their mental health as it allows them to relax for a while and build hopes of a better future. Spending money on the lottery is much better than feeling helpless, worthless, and hopeless. This can even lead to clinical depression.

The government hasn’t contributed a lot in this matter. In fact, they are promoting and advertising the lottery games to poor ones so that they get their share of revenues. It is quite disturbing to say that poor people generate maximum sales in this industry.

As mentioned before, peers play a crucial role in driving more sales for lottery businesses. Living with a group of gamblers, people find it tempting to try their luck and see if they could win the prizes like their peers do. The gamblers also encourage their friends to try the lottery and reap the rewards.

Overall, it is the desperation that lures the poor people into buying lottery tickets. But no matter how short-term excitement and hopes they develop, it is worth it.

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