Posted on April 29, 2020 at 12:05 pm

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International Dance Day: Reasons Why You Should Learn To Dance Right Away

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Dance is one of those things that everyone – irrespective of age, class or background have in their lives. It is something that brightens one’s mood. It has a different meaning for everyone – for some, it is a passion while others use it as a profession. Whether you can dance or not doesn’t matter because everybody does so in some way or the other.

International Dance Day

Today, on international dance day we bring you a few reasons why you should learn the art without any inhibitions.

It’s a fun exercise:

Want to stay fit but hate exercising and visiting the gym? Well, dance is something you should try then. Need we say more? The choreographed moves guarantee no unwanted fat staying in different parts of the body.

Dancing makes you sexy:

When it comes to dance, looks don’t matter all that matters is those moves, sexy moves. The way you move your body is what will turn everyone’s eyes to you which will automatically you super-hot and sexy.

It boosts your confidence:

People are scared to showcase their skills in public but dance is a way of getting over this fear. Dance removes the negativity from your mind and makes you think positively. When you shake your hips you get lost in the moment and don’t care who’s in front of you. All that you focus is on the rhythm of the music and the rhythm.

It’s entertaining:

It’s always a lot of fun when you hit the dance floor. It’s entertaining cause we all have that one silly friend who isn’t the best dancer but still busts a move that looks funny as hell. This sets the mood for everyone and you just let your freak out too.

A chance to meet new people:

When you join a class or dance group to learn the art, you meet and interact with many new people some of who become your friends for life.

Enjoy this day and stay healthy by shaking those hips

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