Posted on April 5, 2020 at 2:46 am

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Five Best Casino Movies

Casino movies are notorious for breaking rules of casino games in that the underdogs always win and the main character in the film will win a roulette hand even when odds are against him.

Interestingly, we still love them. In this post, we are going to discuss the best casino movies you should watch this year.

Rounders (1998)

This film features Matt Damon and Edward Norton who go into the interesting but rather illegal world of gambling. Matt features as Mike McDermott, a university student whose dream is to win the World Series of Poker. 

As the movie beings, Mike loses all his savings ($3,000) in a single hand to a Russian mobster named Teddy KGB (John Malkovich). Later, he links up with a new friend (Worm) who has just been released from prison. However, Worm finds himself into debt problems with KGB, and the two are left with a debt of $15,000 to pay back. 

Fortunately, Mike plays poker and wins $15,000, but the money is seized after they are found cheating. Now they have to act quickly, otherwise, the KGB will track them down. Finally, Mike gets a loan of $10,000, and challenges KGB to another round at No-Limit Texas Hold’em. He accepts to take up the challenge. 

Mike wins the first season, pocketing a whole $20,000. Then KGB taunts Mike to continue playing, which he agrees. As the game progresses, Mike realizes a change in KGB’s behaviour and concludes he has a better hand. 

Mike baits KGB to go all-in in the final round and beats him to win the $60,000 jackpot. 

Photo by Kay on Unsplash
Photo by Kay on Unsplash

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

Eric Stoner, a young poker player, challenges the best poker player, Lancey Howard. After suffering the defeat, he realizes that sometimes good skills is not enough to beat experience. 

Set in the depression era, the movie has relatively small blinds. However, six players take part in the main event. Howard and the Kid become the last participants to play.

While playing, Shooter, who is the dealer, tries to help the Kid cheat, but the Kid requests a private break and cautions Shooter against his intentions to help him win, claiming he can beat Howard without his help. Later on, the Kid requests the dealer to change and ends up winning a couple of rounds against Howards. 

However, in the final round, the kid becomes overconfident, while Howard looks startled of an oncoming loss. Knowing he has high chances of winning, the kid calls and additional $5,000 blind. But Howard surprises him with a flush. 

21 (2008) 

Blackjack is one of the most popular games you can find at an online casino. You can play it an online casino or at home with your friend if you have a deck of cards. However, if you are looking to experience the excitement of the casino game, then you should consider watching the film 21. 

The film is about a group of MIT Blackjack players who win more than $100,000 by counting cards at several casinos in Las Vegas. In the beginning, Math major Ben Campbell discovers that he may miss out on the prestigious scholarship he had applied to. He joins a blackjack team led by his professor and they work with other players to come up with a strategy for winning blackjack games.

All the casinos they visit do not allow background card counting, so they are forced to do it discreetly. Although they win regularly, they lose $200,000 whenever Ben is distracted.

This leads to a sour relationship between Ben and his Professor Rosa. He is also removed from the list of students who will be graduating. As the film winds up, the team goes to Planet Hollywood casino when they win more than $640,000. 

Casino (1995)

There are a few movies named Casino, but the real Casino film is one that was released in 1995 and features Robert De Niro. The film is known for its iconic acting, an exciting storyline, and some exciting gambling moves. 

The movie is set in the 1970s and basically about the mafia and their canning behaviors. De Niro features as Sam Rothstein, whose role is to help the casino make as much profit as possible. 

The involvement of the mafia forces Sam to help Nicholas Santoro, an old friend, to launder money through the casino. Sam manages to boost the casino’s profits, but he finds himself in marital problems as his wife cheats with an old friend. 

Sam’s ex-wife kidnaps their daughter and starts making plans to eliminate him. The casino becomes a target for the FBI due to its links to the mafia. However, despite everything happening in Sam’s life, he comes out of it successfully. He attributes his triumphs to this exceptional handicapping skill. Here is a Complete Betway Casino Guide so you can learn from it.

Casino Royale (2006)

If you are a fan of James Bond movies then you probably know that the guy is a gambling enthusiast. Bond stirs as a novice assassin who has been assigned the job to kill criminal Le Chiffre in poker.

As usual Bond falls in love with a woman whose role is to give him money for gambling. He needs this money to complete the mission. So, he travels from one city to another preparing for the event. 

Le Chiffre, on the other hand, receives money from a rebel leader in Uganda and asks him to invest the money. Unfortunately, he loses more than $101 million after placing a bad bet, and has to find a way to the money or face the consequences. 

When Le Chiffre set a game at the Casino Royale, Bonds buys in $10 million. After a streak of wins and losses, they give the $115 million pot a try. Bond stuns everyone with a flush and walks away with the money.

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