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Sumeet Jindal- Inspiring unheard voices to unveil their true purpose through Postman News

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Sumeet Jindal – presenting the ideology of truth through the Postman News to the people

“This world in which mostly most things are created by humans is nothing but an illusion to the mind. The truth is to be embraced with all its darkness.”

Sumeet Jindal took it as an opportunity to show people the real self to the world with all the blacks and white in it. He thought of initiating a start-up which is a social media platform called “Postman News” to unveil people with the unseen and ignored truths of life, to the ignorant residents of this world.

The 2-year platform created by him has today exhibit many unrevealed things that the world was yet to be face and bosom. Postman news provided a stage for those who want their voices to be perceived and simultaneously it is becoming a manifesto that is easily accessible by all to let the world know about the unique ideology, thoughts, and mind that stay here. Postman news has never failed to herald all perfections and faults that stays in this world as well as it has proved that it’s a platform that is fearless and valorous.

Sumeet Jindal, a young entrepreneur, Delhi based at the age of 25 seceded to explore the unexplored and reveal things to its true form without adding any extra colors to it, providing inspiration, motivation and a path to reach and fulfill their own passion, giving opportunity to many bloggers, journalists, writers, youth and start-ups to expose their thoughts and ideology. Postman news provides news, different information on entertainment, nation, business, world etc for their viewers to comprehend. Not only having a website itself, it has its page on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube with over 1 million followers on facebook.

Sumeet himself being a blogger understood the difficulties of it all and decided to form a platform through which people in the world would not face the troubles he faced. Being a self reliant man is, what you call it as, his USP(Unique Selling Proposition). Having said that, he doesn’t sell anything based on his personality characteristics though. He believes in faith, hard work and true dedication.

Sumeet Jindal was recently a speaker in Start-Up Conclave in Ambalika Institute of Management, Lucknow. His venture, Postman News, grabbed the opportunity to interview a former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev and Bhaichung Bhuti, a former Indian footballer and many other celebrities. They have hosted many events and occasions like Feronia Fashion Night in Jaipur, Dance for Kindness New Delhi 2018 in November, SwagRas Poetry 2.0 in Kocreate in July. Feronia Fashion Night 2.0 on April of last year in Goa. Last year they had many events namely Pleasure in Pop-Culture: ForWomenByWomen, Delhi’s Shortest Marathon-Run2Care, Udyami’19, Startup Conclave 2019 with around 500 guests in different cities around the country.

In the beginning of this month i.e, Feb., 2020, Postman News was Media Partner to IIM kozhikode’s event Echoes, 2020. ECHOES is one of the most significant event in IIM kozhikode campus. Postman News have been associated with many events for social cause, start ups, events and championships. Until this day they have been media partners with more than 25+ events and fests.

Sumeet’s eccentricity of thinking straight and judging in the logical manner has led this venture to the position it is in today. Basically he is a self made man, who has devoted his time and attention to cater the needs to aspiring writers with complete assiduity. His main focus was to disport how this world deviates and to bring forward the authentic self of the news without adding any of his or a third-party perspective to it. He states that the main reason why he was able to come this far was all thanks to his support system, the people who made this dream of his come true and eventually became a family to him is the tech support, his colleagues, his friends and people who joined him in this platform ( and are still joining.

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