Posted on March 16, 2020 at 3:39 pm

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Five Ways To Stay Productive While Social Distancing

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As COVID-19 completely travels around the world and brings many into isolation, we must all find something, anything, to do while social distancing. It can be extremely difficult for many to not be around people and finding an activity to keep the time moving is critical for basic sanity and mental health.

Here are five things you can do while social distancing to stay productive!

1.Social Networking!

You can still go online and talk with your friends, despite social distancing. I stay awake until 2 in the morning just to FaceTime my friends and constantly snap back through Snapchat. Although social media can get addicting fast, in situations like these, it’s important to stay connected with the outside world.

Social Media
Social Media


As a student, my room gets incredibly messy throughout the year, so it’s even more important in times like these to get organized. Clean off your desk and sanitize everything. Just seeing a cleaner room will help you stay productive while social distancing.

3.Try a new workout.

Throughout the year, physical health can slip our minds as we get tangled up in everyday life. As we spend time at home because of social distancing, try to wake up a little earlier, go for a run or focus on a strength workout. It doesn’t have to be a three hour long workout, but just enough to get your adrenaline pumping. You can also try eating healthier, and simply try to be a healthier person. While you’re at it, make a habit out of your new healthy lifestyle so it can carry back into your everyday life.

4.Focus on your mental health.

Instead of sitting around thinking about how bored you are, try journaling, yoga, or anything that can get your mind on healing. We often forget how important it is to be in a healthy mental state due to the drama of our normal lives. With social distancing, you should focus on yourself and your own needs now that you don’t have to worry about others. Write, focus on your passions, draw, watch Netflix, run- do whatever truly makes you happy!

5.If you really don’t feel like being productive, catch up on some missed sleep.

Being well rested is the number one step to getting to a more productive state. Sleep is incredibly important, as it revitalizes us and brings energy to our body. Not only this, but it will also strengthen our immune systems, helping us fight COVID-19 even better.


Throughout all of this chaos, DO NOT forget to take care of yourself.

If you feel alone, reach out to your friends, or join a self care call online. Get productive with this extra time that we have and create a habit of these things so that even after COVID-19, you will be motivated to do better and greater things

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