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4 Ways to Instantly Up Your Fashion Game

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If you recently used these hashtags on your Instagram profile, chances are that you definitely going to need this guide to up your fashion game. You might even be considering a career in the fashion blogging industry.

We guarantee you; it pays handsomely. 

The Fashion Industry

Statistics say that the approximate annual salary of fashion bloggers stands at $1 million – $3 million. You can’t beat that with your 9 to 5. And hey, you get paid for dressing great.

What is there to lose?

If you thought that the amount is huge, you need a lesson in the fashion industry. The global fashion industry has been one that has seen continuous growth in sales. Not just that, the industry has even been predicted to keep growing in the next few years.


And why wouldn’t it? 

Who doesn’t love to look great and show off their swagger? 

Besides, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. But you better be thankful for all those amazing fashion designers that keep the industry up and growing.


We know that these guys do a whole lot more than just staying up all night and waiting for inspiration on a new dress. They do everything from the job of a marketer to a financer to an artist to a marketer.

Amp Up Your Fashion Game

So, why not make their hard work worth it to your own advantage. We bring you 4 Ways to Instantly up Your Fashion Game. Here are the most real tips for you:

1. Leather Was, Are and Will Always be Cool

Is it possible that you talk about fashion without once mentioning leather? 

We could, but why would we commit such blasphemy? So, here is what you should know about leather.

The first point of discussion is why leather has been such a superstar commodity when it comes to fashion. While it may be expensive, the feel and luxury of leather cannot be found anywhere else. Not just that, unlike traditional textiles, leather gets better with time. So, an investment worth it.


That is why the market value for goods in leather has continuously been on the rise. The future predictions for 2021, too, are rising. But the leather industry is not just about your everyday leather commodities from cows and sheep leather.

An entirely new segment relates to artificial or synthetic leather. While some may consider it to be much more inferior to leather goods, the fact of the matter is that it is often considered to be less cruel. While exquisite original leather may have its cruel extraction methods, synthetic leather is pain-free.


The segmentations are just the same. From furnishing to automotive to footwear to bags and wallets to clothing and others. But of course, genuine leather is itself a different commodity and has that genuine leather feel that stands unparalleled to anything else.

And did we mention that leather commodities work well with all genders!

So go out and grab the best of the genuine leather jacket for women, available, and show it off!

2. Sneakers: Anywhere and Everywhere

One of the most popular fashion trends today is about sneakers. Today, nobody complains when someone pairs an obnoxious pair of joggers (pronounced: sneakers). Of course, you can’t do that in your office where those annoying old bosses with no sense of fashion will fire your backside for any detail that they think is awry.


Statistics by Lyst say that an average customer spends about $192 on a new pair of sneakers as compared to only about $67 on a new t-shirt. In fact, with a blurred line between what is formal and what is casual contributes to the lax dressing arrangements that sneakers propagate today.

3. Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe is Your Wardrobe

Everyone knows that the comfort your boyfriend’s wardrobe gives you doesn’t come from your own wardrobe. But there’s more to that comfort that just your emotional attachment. With time, the fashion industry has grown to favor more loose designs.


The infographic above shows how through the years, the same size eight has grown out to be looser and looser. But you do not necessarily need to buy your wardrobe of loose clothing for use. Just raid through your boyfriend’s closet, and we guarantee you, you will find something you can work with.

4. Fur and Layers

When it really comes to fashion, everybody knows winter is the prime season for showing off every single item of clothing. But layering is not as easy as it seems. What you should look for is a fur-based vest that works with all your dresses.

However, that is not the only catch. Layering is an art that you have to learn to achieve perfection. But since we have taken it upon ourselves to help you succeed in fashion, we will teach you how to do it. Here is what you do:

  • Find yourself a thin shirt that you could wear under your sleeveless dress.
  • Once you have your first layer, add a button-down shirt on top. Make it as classic as it gets.
  • Next comes your fur.
  • Once you have your west, add your skinny jeans and loafers with a classic belt, and you will be good to go.

Final Word

What you should know about fashion is that it is all about confidence. The latest trends are often too obnoxious to wear out in public. So, what it takes to make your fashion work is to wear it all with confidence and walk like you own the world.

But a fashion trend that has been raging for quite some time now, we missed. This trend is about making ethical fashion choices rather than spending recklessly on clothes. And with the given condition of the environment, everyone should understand that the need of the hour is ethical fashion.

So, while you wear your best outfit and strut your strut, keep the environment in mind.

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