Posted on January 9, 2020 at 3:28 am

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Story Of Pranav Das Who Chose Wandering Over His MBA Career

With the rise of digital media, blogging has become a big thing these days. Every year, we see the number increasing. Today, blogging has become a full-time career that is providing bread and butter for many. Blogging is an interesting career line where you can earn sharing your own stories. Out of all niches, travel blogging is currently booming. People these days love to explore a place through someone else’s lenses before they plan to visit it themselves. Travel blogging is used to inspire people to visit and explore new places. This is exactly what appealed to Pranav.

Pranav Das is a budding Indian travel blogger who started his journey five years ago. This 30-year-old never felt attached to his MNC job which he was once into. It was in 2015 when he first thought of exploring the world and that’s how the idea of Voyage Nomad came into existence. Not many of us have the nerves to let go of our jobs but Pranav was determined to make travelling his living. He let go of his well-paying job in Kolkata and entered the blogging career in 2015 and since then he has never looked back once.


Pranav Das
Pranav Das

He completed his computer science engineering from Odisha and even enrolled himself to pursue MBA. But life had other plans for him. Along with his job, he even let go of his MBA career to become a successful travel blogger. With this dedication and passion for travelling, he did manage to make a name in his field. Today, he is a well-known travel blogger with over 10k followers on Instagram.

Voyage Nomad is the travel blog site run by Pranav. It is his digital journal where he shares all his travel details with his readers. On visiting his site, you will find a lot of travel blogs and pictures. He has recorded the details of all the places that he has visited till now. With his travel blogging, he seeks to inspire others who desperately want to break free from the daily routine life. To all the budding bloggers, Pranav stands to be a role model. Along with his travel blog, he also owns a web agency. Managing your own company while being on the roads is not an easy thing. But Pranav has proved that nothing is impossible.

Just like all the other bloggers, you will find Pranav on almost every social media site that you use regularly. He is there on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Both his Facebook and Twitter accounts are quite interesting. He shares all his travel details with his followers on his profiles. As far as his Instagram account is concerned, you will find a bunch of beautiful travel pictures, all clicked by him. From the look of the pictures, it appears that it has been clicked by some professional photographers. Well, Pranav also has a keen interest in nature photography. It seems like he was meant for travelling.

To many of you travelling may seem to be a luxury affair. But to Pranav, he is all about budget travelling. He may have acquired a great name in the blogging industry but he still believes in sustainable travelling. Well, this is what sets him apart from the rest of the travellers out there. He wishes to explore the vast stretches of Asia and India. Every year he seems to get one step closer to his dreams. One can look up the places he has explored on his blog site. In his five years of blogging career, he has managed to achieve a lot. However, to become more successful, he has more to accomplish.

Pranav is no less than an inspiration to all the budding bloggers out there. People like him are meant to do great things and inspire others with their deeds. He gives us the courage to step outside our comfort life and embrace what we love to do. Not many of us have the guts to go after our dreams. But when we hear about people like Pranav, it rekindles our hope. Pranav is not an extraordinary human being. He was a simple guy with big dreams. Once he was living exactly the life that we are living today. But his desperate urge to bring a change made him do great things and today, he is more successful than ever before. He is only in his 30s and has a long path ahead of him. We expect to see more great things from him in the future.

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