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Top Weekend Getaways around Bangalore

The landscape of Karnataka is a treasure trove for travel lovers. And if you are located in Bangalore, or starting your trips Bangalore, you are in for endless options. The capital city is strategically located in proximity to some of the most popular tourist locales around the state, making you want to see it all. You can easily head out of the city for a weekend getaway and within a few hours land at scenic places, without much ado. The best way to do these trips is to find a rental car. If you are a Bangalore local, then you can easily book online or through a quick call. If you are traveling from another city, then Savaari’s Bangalore airport taxi service is one of the cheapest and most convenient, which you can book and head directly to your destination.



Here’s a list of the best places to spend a great weekend near the metro.



The closest retreat to Bangalore city, Ramanagara is at a stone-throw distance from the suburbs of Kanakapura. Famous for camping, you will find endless spots to pitch a tent for the night, under a clear, starry sky. Being on a hilly locale, the weather is also a few degrees cooler than the city. Ramanagara offers excellent grounds for outdoor sports like hiking, kayaking, trekking, and more. For the best experience, plan your camping trips between November and February.

Turahalli & Anthangange

For those who love to scale the mountains, but do not always have the time to travel far and wide, Bangalore’s surrounding landscape also has a solution for them. Right outside the city perimeters, at a 40-Km-drive, you will find rock climbers and fitness enthusiasts testing their skills at Turahalli and Anthargange. The giant boulders and sandstone ridges make for a great platform to practice endurance or simply have a thrilling time. Turahalli offers expansive views of the adjacent forests and Anthargange is known for the unique experience of climbing along with limestone caves.


Looking for a fun day trip? Then Makalidurga is your answer. At only 60 KM from the city, this little, hilly hamlet on the banks of the Gunjar Lake, offers you scenic nature trails and is perfect for a day trek. The village sits atop 4430 feet, giving you stunning views of the lake and the settlements below, akin to the map of South America. In the spring months, the fresh foliage and seasonal bloom take the beauty of the place to the next level. Stay at the village or camp on the hilly grasslands, and enjoy the untainted, uninterrupted natural environment.

Nandi Hills

A trekker’s paradise, Nandi Hills is one of the most popular weekend destinations of Bangaloreans. At about 60 Km from the city (add a few kilometers if traveling from the airport), the hills are snuggled within the Tumkur-Chikballapura-Kolar Range on the Western Ghats. If you want to travel directly from the airport, you can easily book a top quality cab from Bangalore Airport to Nandi hills for the entire weekend. As you climb the craggy hills, capture the magnificence of the lush valleys along the Arkavati River, enjoy endless photography, or simply unwind under the open sky. There are also options for small resorts and lodges in the area for a longer stay.




If you are a water baby, then Bheemeshwari is where you will find your piece of sky, or water, for that matter. With sparkling lakes and rivers, gurgling streams, frothy waterfalls, and a tiny inlet of the sea, Bheemeshwari is a hub of ecotourism. Opt for a forest trek or stay at the nature camp, or indulge in rafting or kayaking on the Cauvery River. Let the tranquil surroundings and calming waters soothe your senses and rejuvenate you inside out.


Not every adventure is meant for the broad daylight. Some are best experienced in the darkness of the night when the rest of the world is asleep. And if you are a night-owl yourself, then a night trek in Kabbaldurga is your kind of activity. Drive for about 70 Km from Bangalore and reach the base at Kabbaldurga. The treks start at sunset and take you through the tapering trails, ending at the fort on the top around midnight. Even for a beginner, this 4 KM long trek is a breeze.


Horsley Hills

If you are up for a little longer drive and out of state, then Horsely Hills is where you will find your weekend respite. Sitting right off the border of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, in the Chittoor district, the Horsley Hills sits at 1290 meters. A fine blend of the lush greenery of the Nilgiris and the rugged, reddish terrain of the Deccan Plateau, this locale offers a beautiful color play of nature. If you like hiking through woodlands, the forests of eucalyptus, sandalwood, amla (Indian gooseberry), and gum tree, that cover the hills, then this is your playground. For wildlife lovers, you will also find birding opportunities, but mostly in winter and spring.

Whether you love adventure, a quiet respite from urban life, or seeking new experiences in quaint places, these scenic locales have everything you need to satiate your wanderlust.


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