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An Interview With Photographer Varinder Gill – Sparkpixels

An Interview With Photographer Varinder Gill – Sparkpixels

Varinder Gill is a Vancouver based photographer who has an emotional affinity towards animals and nature. Capturing shots from city to wildlife, his pictures are a significant and the evocative persona generate appropriate mood for the viewers. There is a technical sophistication in the photos. Residing in the city of Vancouver, a city surrounded by mountains, ocean and the city lights grew his curiosity towards photography. Varinder is working on balancing his passion with professionalism for pursuing and sustaining a career in the world of photography. He captures the attitude in his camera while uncovering the truths and lies of nature and the city life!

In an interview, Varinder reveals more about his passion for photography.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
I live in Vancouver. Living in the city surrounded by mountains, lakes, and oceans is a true inspiration. Traveling and exploring around British Columbia is one of my curiosities. I attended VanArts (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts) for my video production, which revived my camera skills and trust me it’s a beautiful addiction. Besides this, I enjoy watching movies and sweating in the gym or any outdoor activity where I am closer to nature!

How did you get into wildlife photography?
After finishing my video production and having a camera in my hand all the time I was tempted to capture anything around me from leaves on the road to still life and nature. Once I traveled to the Greater Vancouver Zoo and took my DSLR with me and Oh boy! The result of my pictures of wildlife was mesmerizing to me. I have an emotional affinity towards animals. I was amazed at what I was capable of and as they say β€œif you love your work, if you really enjoy it, you are already a success”. So, I canvassed my three best captures of a Lion, Tiger, and Lynx in my living room to look at them every time I sit there. That reminds my conscience that you are made for this and never stop and that’s what keeps me moving and craving for more.

When did you realize your passion for photography?
It’s not only photography, I love shooting and editing videos as well since I am good at editing; photography comes along. It’s better when you can take care of your own mess and turn it into something beautiful. My first picture was a leaf on the road; it was just a leaf but for me, it was a kick-starter.

Who is your inspiration? Where do you get your motivation from?

Every good artist is inspirational to me. Either it’s an actor or a photographer but a local influencer, Peter McKinnon, was where I got the motivation from. His positive YouTube videos and pictures on Instagram gave me something to work on. It is always helpful and I am learning new things every day from him or other YouTubers like him. Never stop learning!

What kind of equipment do you use now, and what did you start with?
I bought a basic DSLR in 2008 Nikon D60 with my first paycheck. I was very naive about photography then but my inner me wanted this. So I used to go to city parks and take random shots. Then I put away my camera for 5-6 years being busy in life, but what’s in you never dies. After VanArts it started again and I bought Nikon d3200 since D60 did not shoot videos. Now I have a full frame Canon 6D and Canon 7D Mark II in my collection and a good amount of lenses I need, but the hunger never stops.

What are some of the challenges you face while taking photographs?
Finding that perfect shot is the biggest challenge that includes exposure, focus, composition, and the execution! You have to put your mind and eyes to work along with your camera. Sometimes it can take days to get that perfect shot or even months. Photography is more than just a click. For me, it’s a challenge to take a shot from life and capture it in camera. The desire to capture that breathtaking moment is what makes me hungry for shooting!

What comes to your mind when you are taking photos?
What my viewers and followers would think of my work; so I become a viewer myself and review my work. While taking pictures I picture my imaginations and try to bring them to life. The angles, the viewpoints, the perspective all that too.

If you were not a photographer, you would be…
I think the digital world inexplicably attracts me. I would have been a web designer or something related to technology and creativity. Since I was a child technology and media kept me curious.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Around the globe capturing nature and its wonders. Hoping to capture that one shot that might inspire someone’s life, put a smile on a face or reflect that peace of mind!

Do you have anything exciting on the horizon that you can share with us?
I am quite involved in photography right now. Every day is another exciting day to shoot and capture human lifestyle and nature at its best. There is a project I am working on right now, but stay tuned for that upcoming surprise.

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