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Aditya Kilachand Introduces L’Hermitage Relaxed Luxury Villas In Alibaug

Aditya Kilachand Introduces L’Hermitage Relaxed Luxury villas In Alibaug

L’Hermitage: Relaxed Luxury / Your Paradise Across the Sea / An Ode to Natural Living

Aditya Kilachand introduces L’Hermitage Relaxed Luxury villas Alibaug. Stressed-out urbanites long for a ‘dream home’ – A home that allows them to nurture a hobby, plant a tree, pluck the fresh fruit and hear the birds sing… A home in the heart of tranquil nature, with the comfort of a smart-city space and world-class amenities. L’Hermitage situated in Awas, Alibaug, is one such dream home – A cluster of 7-8 super luxe villas designed for nature lovers and lifestyle enthusiasts. With an ideal combination of picture-perfect surroundings and stylish plush interiors, these villas are designed to immerse you in unparalleled luxury situated amid lush green nature.

Unprecedented Luxury
L’Hermitage in Alibaug – the getaway for most of Mumbai’s swish set – is the brainchild of Aditya Kilachand, son of celebrated author Shobhaa De, in collaboration with interior designer Sussanne Khan of The Charcoal Project fame, and architect Cherag Bardoliwala, ex-senior associate at Talati and Panthaki, who recently founded RC Design Studio with wife Rozemehr.

French and Spanish design influences, boho chic hoe décor elements, and vast vistas of the outdoors make the large villas built on one-acre plots, an ultimate weekend home for a select few. Styled as a gated community, housing like-minded people, L’Hermitage is an unprecedented luxury concept in the quaint, easily accessible, location of Alibaug.

Go Deep Within
L’Hermitage was conceptualized to encourage harmony with nature, and create a well-balanced lifestyle that includes play and repose in equal measure. As founder Aditya Kilachand, says,

I have spent many of my childhood days in Alibaug, and experienced closely its calm, and beauty. I wanted others to experience something similar with their family and friends. Thus, began the dream to build something special… And where else could it be…but in one of the finest villages in Alibaug – Awas.

L’Hermitage is a set of exclusive villas for a community of people, who could enjoy an outdoor jacuzzi in a bamboo grove, a bird concert amid the lush greenery, a vegetable patch to grow their salads…or the burst of night stars seen through a jumbo telescope.

Zen Design

Adding to the serenity of the landscape is the equally peace-inducing interior experience of each villa, conceptualized by Sussanne Khan of The Charcoal Project.

The designs are natural and breathable, with spaces that blend into the surroundings, but occasionally stand apart from nature. For Sussanne, the space evokes tranquility, flow, and an ‘island vibe’, unlike any experienced before… In her words,

‘L’Hermitage is about relaxed luxury… The feeling one gets when they are in complete balance with their inner engineer… I simply allowed myself to be led by the Island vibe of the village of Awas in Alibaug… The organic flow of an island beach home with striking influences of the Konkan Coast gave me a unique form of inspiration.

At The Charcoal Project, we take a design philosophy and pull it through all aspects of the interiors and details of the space… It’s like creating magic layer by layer, dream by dream.

The design journey of L’Hermitage came from many layers of materials that evoke tranquility – a variety of woods, light and dark metals, old and new elements… We’ve used textiles and hues that bring out a feeling of calm, and fabrics that feel smooth, yet grainy enough to add the necessary comfort.’

While Sussanne has designed the essential look and feel of the interiors, residents can have the finer details customized to suit their tastes and needs.

Elemental Style

Inspired by nature and beauty, the villas have different themes, like Le Soleil – The Sun, a villa with strong lines and sublime tones; Le Jardin – The Garden, a magical space filled with lush green and heady fragrances; and Le Bijou – The Jewel, a villa that reflects the facets of a beautifully-cut solitaire!

Every villa reflects the same design philosophy however each plan is unique to its own plot parameters. Principal design architect and master planner, Cherag Bardoliwala, shares his vision for the project:

L’hermitage is conceptualized as a haven where those residing can constantly engage with natural elements, that city living lacks… Open-to-sky courtyards intersperse the landscape in such a way, so as to obscure the differentiation between outdoor and indoor spaces.

Sunlight filters through all spaces of the villa, and the fenestrations provide natural ventilation – a key to successful design. Water forms a key element of the design; with most of the habitable spaces overlooking water bodies, almost giving the effect of the villas floating on water.

L’Hermitage is my ode to natural living and holistic architecture, where I try to restore a balance between the elements of nature and the architecture and interiors created.

Uncompromisingly Personal

L’Hermitage will be built as a modern-day village where the privacy of ‘farm-house living’ will blend seamlessly with contemporary design and concierge conveniences.
Each villa is designed with top-of-the-line fittings, bathroom fixtures, modular kitchen, superior finishes, Universal media system/digitised home theatre, Creston automation for climate control and mood lighting in every room, temperature-controlled swimming pool, outdoor weatherproof sound system, Jacuzzi, gymnasium, steam, sauna, and all other contemporary essentials.

Additionally, L’Hermitage will be staffed with professional housekeeping services for general maintenance and pre-arrival upkeep. There will also be an on-site landscaping and gardening supervisor, 24-hr administrative assistance and support staff for electrical and plumbing requirements.

Green Living

As an effort toward sustainable development, L’Hermitage has eco-friendly elements in the villas. Several building materials have been locally sourced to ensure sustainability. The villas also incorporate ways to harvest solar energy and rain water, so as to optimise the use of natural resources.

Alibaug Awaits

The RoRo project, a ferry service that allows both cars and passengers to get from Mumbai to Mandwa in 20-30 minutes max, is set to launch soon. Once it starts operations, L’Hermitage in Awas – your paradise across the sea – will be a mere 40-minute distance from your home in Mumbai. And for those who wish to get there even faster, L’Hermitage will have a private speed boat service available for its residents.

Luxury Unlimited

L’Hermitage is not just a home; but an experience of unending precious moments… Moments that make you look inward and outward, absorbing the beauty of nature around you.

When you get a chance to envelop yourself in such tranquility and luxury, you achieve that perfect state of balance – your inner and outer world come together in harmonious union!

L’Hermitage – The Authentic Alibaug Experience!

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