Posted on April 29, 2018 at 11:27 pm

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Being A Split Personality Is Mandatory For Me Says Soumita Saha

‘To deliver a successful romantic number being a split personality is mandatory for me ‘ says International Singer Soumita Saha

Popular singer Soumita Saha, whose international debut Ishq became a massive hit is busy with her next project, the youth icon literally dreams to see something like ‘rennaisance’ when music industry will not only represent film music but will also have an equal share of albums and single from independent artists.

Bagging playback numbers have always been a rage amongst young singers in the industry, the songbird whose international debut Ishq gave her immense popularity says

“Playback plays a great role to lift your career, but it is sad to see music industry becoming another extension of the film industry.”

The mesmerizingly beautiful melody queen expresses her immense appreciation for actress Ilean D’cruz. “Lending my voice for Ileana is simply going to be a dream project.”

Talking about her new project Soumita revealed,

“My next project is also a romantic number. I think if a person like me is supposed to deliver a successful romantic number being a split personality is mandatory. I am hopelessly unromantic in real life. ”

Soumita’s last project Ishq was a massive hit and earned appreciation from different countries across the world. The major success of Ishq is keeping the songbird busy with new collaboration proposals.

“Nobody hates offers coming her way, I am little choosy and I only accept collaborations I can relate too.The funniest part is apart from song collaboration and offers for originals I have been getting acting proposals too. I consider myself lucky to have acting proposals too, at the end of the day when you are tired and you need a good dose of laughter I am lucky enough to have incidents that make me laugh and reduces stress level.”