Posted on April 11, 2018 at 8:50 pm

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Vancouver Fashion Week Wraps Up The Luxury Comfort With BIA BORO

The showstopper BIA BORO Bamboos’s underwear line brought a smile to the audience along with Christopher The Pig at Vancouver Fashion Week. BIA BORO bamboo is made for those who live a colorful life and embody an original style.

Each collection is infused with the story: the destination and adventure are yours to fill with luxurious fabrics, bohemian detailing, and intricate craftsmanship. Bamboo is soft as cashmere and durable for everyday underwear. In addition to unparalleled comfort, bamboo boasts unique properties such as anti-bacterial (odorless), moisture wicking, breathable, and thermoregulation.

Show your body some love…

In an interview Bia Boro’s reveals more about there collection and the brand.

Bia Boro Bamboo…. How did you come up with this name and what does it mean?
Originally BIA BORO started in Nelson, BC, Canada circa 14 years ago as a relaxed neighborhood boutique carrying unique nomadic brands from all over the world. Our client is a risk taker, treasure hunter and lover of minimal luxury. Since 2004 BIA BORO has expanded to two retail locations (Kelowna, BC + Nelson, BC), with a third in Vancouver, BC launching the end of May, 2018, we also have a wholesale channel of bohemian inspired bamboo intimates, loungewear, swim + resortwear and sell to over 40 boutiques across North America and online.
BIA BORO was derived from language Farsi, as the majority of the 6 partners are Persian, it means “come, and go” simply put it can be translated into the “ebb and flow” or the “fluidity of life”.

Christopher the “Pig” stole the show. Do you have any story behind this latest and cute friendship you would want to share?
This is actually a funny and very random story… after I finished attending Day 2 of Vancouver Fashion Week I met up with two of my girlfriends for a glass (bottle or two) of wine at Joey’s restaurant, our conversation led to the story of them running into this celebrity pig who was in town from Montreal, which caused an uproar at the bar with strangers all pulling out their phone to show their picture of the pig. Seeing the excitement and liquored with confidence, 1 day before my show I was like: “I’m going to put this pig on the runway” so we started an IG chat and Christopher The Travelling Pig’s handlers immediately agreed with excitement. Since that initial meeting, we became lifelong friends with Jonathan & Marilyn (Christopher’s handlers) which I’m forever grateful for!

What is your favorite part of being a designer?
My happiness and motivation come from the zest of creating something new and unique and allowing myself to get a little lost along the way. I love creating transitional styles, take our intimates for example; they can be worn from the bedroom to the beach. The bands are made with polyamide which are leading fabrics in the underwear and swimwear markets, paired with the bamboo body which allows for the styles to be more comfortable, durable and the fabric won’t stretch out, they also have the ability to keep you fresh and the garments dry quicker than regular lycra or cotton-spandex blends.

The colors and designs are stunning and the fabric looks extremely comfy. A complete combination of a luxury wear. Where do you get the ideas and inspiration for this blend of comfort and looks?
I’ve always had an innate eye for bohemian detailing; and our transitional intimates draw on musings of travel, paired with a lifelong love affair for a nomadic living. I love the pattern, color, and things that at first look are unusual. I don’t design based on color forecasts, or trends I design for whatever mood I’m currently in or what pallets and silhouettes I’m craving at that moment.

Which part of the globe can designers venture for new fashion besides Paris and New York?
TULUM! I must say I’m biased here because I have a deep love affair with Tulum. It’s just magic and the type of people it attracts is breathtaking. Between the style of the people that congregate there and the designers who reside there, it’s the perfect mix of all things bohemian.

A beach bag must have…
I have a pretty big beach bag, but my top five are below.
Mexican blanket
Swell bottle full of tequila
Hand held head/scalp massager
Inflatable beach doughnut
Every Man Jack sandalwood deodorant

If you were not a fashion designer? You would have been…
I would operate some sort of petting zoo with rescued animals… AKA squishy farm.

With huge names in the fashion industry bandwagon, do you find or think that new names find it tough to create their niche?
It’s definitely tough to create a niche or even penetrate an existing one. Competing with the big wigs of fashion can be a daunting task especially if you don’t have the marketing dollars backing your product and getting your message out. The landscape is also ever-changing so once you think you’ve sort of figured it out, the process has become obsolete and you have to start from the beginning, but I suppose that’s the thrill itself in being an entrepreneur!

How was your experience in Vancouver Fashion Week?
It was fantastic. We had such a blast and Jamal (owner of Vancouver Fashion Week) and his team supported us throughout the entire process. They were extremely accommodating to all of our requests, even the very last minute decision of having Christopher open and close our show.