Posted on February 18, 2018 at 1:11 am

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Gavie Chahal Says Chandigarh Cubs is like a family!

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Actor Gavie Chahal, who is playing for the Chandigarh Cubs in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, says that he is having a lot of fun. The actor adds that he loves the tournament and loves being part of it. He says,

BCL is fun, in busy schedules, it’s a good relief to be with friends. For a sports person and a cricket lover, I love getting to play the game.

In fact, he is very close to the rest of the team. He says,

Chandigarh Cubs is like a family to me. All the players are full of life and it’s a very positive team to be a part of.

While it is tough for him to take out time for practice, Gavie isn’t complaining. “It is a bit tough as to manage timings as we mostly practice at midnight and we all have shoot the next day. We practice 4-5 hours every day. Plus, to build up on stamina, we do proper warm up and a combination of freehand / thera band/ exercises, skipping /jumping exercises. I don’t mind as this is all part of an actor’s life,” he says.

Focussing and playing together will be the aim of the team, says Gavie. He adds,

The main task is to perform well as this is a tricky format. We all take it lightly, but we need to be focussed on the game, to perform well. The main challenge is to keep yourself away from injuries, as the format requires a lightweight ball which is really tricky to control. It’s basically a technique game involving multiple challenges both mentally and physically.

Ask him how it is to work with Marinating Films, and he says, “Working with Marinating Films is superb, Anand Mishra is a sweet person. It’s wonderful to work with him.”

Gavie has a long association with the game. “I love cricket and officially played for my district. I try to play now whenever I can be at CCL or BCL. We are all aware of how injuries can happen on the field, but I am passionate about the sport, and so I don’t bother,” he says.

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