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Which Mattress Should You Buy – Memory Foam or Latex?

Are you sleeping on the right mattress?

Which Mattress Should You Buy – Memory Foam or Latex?

When you step out to buy a mattress, you will find that you need to deal with a large number of choices. So, if you don’t want to be at a loss when evaluating two of the most popular mattress types, memory foam, and latex, you need to clearly know the pros and cons of each.

Memory Foam and Latex – Understanding What They Are

Memory foam is a synthetic material that is especially favored due to its ability to conform to the body’s contours when pressure is applied. It is available with various levels of firmness, feel, and response time that is the speed at which the material adapts to pressure. Latex foam, on the other hand, can be natural, synthetic or a blend. They are also classified by the process of manufacture, Dunlop and Talalay being the most common so you could end up by having to consider quite a few permutations. Generally, you can expect more elasticity from a latex mattress that translates to more response time and better bounce even though the conformity to body curves tends to be more general.

Comfort and Feel

Memory foam mattresses have a distinct feel due to their ability to hug the body better and deliver better pressure relief. They are a great option for those suffering from back or body ache due to pressure points created while sleeping and for side sleepers. Sleepers tend to feel hotter as the foam retains heat due to restricted air circulation as the material comes into close contact with the body due to the contouring and sinking. However, usingtechniques like incorporating gel layers, infusing the foam with gel or by using channels on the surface to facilitate the flow of air, cooling fabrics, etc. a lot of headway has been made. Read reviews of the nectar sleep mattress to find out more.


Latex mattresses deliver more generalized compression leading to less hug, a bouncier surface, and a lighter feel. While memory foam is known for its ability to conform to the curves of the body, latex mattresses allow the body to breathe better. This gives a totally different sleep experience because sleepers don’t feel that they are stuck to the mattress as in memory foam. It is this very nature that allows more air circulation between the body and the mattress so you tend to sleep cooler. The cooling effect is even more advanced with mattresses using aerated foam that have pockets of air integrated into the molding. While there is no difference in the feel of natural and synthetic latex, natural latex mattresses last longer but synthetic cost less.


Memory foam is a good option for those who like better support and the luxury of better compression. On the other hand, latex mattresses are better for sleepers who want to avoid that sinking feeling and prefer more bounce due to its faster response time. There is a very large choice in both the options in terms of variants so it is best to test them out and choose what you really like.

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