Posted on March 27, 2016 at 4:39 pm

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5 natural ways to keep mosquitoes away this summer!

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Are you tired of the itching redness and swelling caused by these pesky mosquitoes? So are most people. The first thing you do to get rid of mosquitoes is you turn to a store brought mosquito repellents. But did you know how toxic these repellents are for you? They contain toxic chemicals like DEET, which are harmful for humans. DEET tends to affect the central nervous system and the memory functions in humans. So why use such nasty harmful chemicals which have an ill effect on our health to repel these pests. suggests 5 natural ways to keep mosquitoes away this summer.

1. Apply neem oil

Neem, known as the tree of life, is a very useful medicinal plant found in the subcontinent of India. For ages, neem oil has been used as a natural insecticides for plants, offering the same benefits when used by humans to keep insects and mosquitoes away. Rubbing neem oil on your skin keeps mosquitoes away, as they hate the smell of neem. Neem oil is easily available in your local stores.


2. Homemade mosquito trap

These home made mosquito traps are super easy to make, and they actually work like magic to get rid of irritating mosquitoes. One of the most simple home made mosquito trap that tested is to just add a little detergent to water and keep the dish near your window. You will be surprised to see how many mosquitoes have fallen prey to this simple mosquito trap.

3. Remove stagnant water

One of the most important things to do to avoid mosquitos is to remove all stagnant water from your surroundings. Since mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, it might be helpful to remember the Indian saying: “Na rahega baans, Na bajegi bansuri!” Get rid of all the stagnant standing water, so that you give no place for mosquitoes to breed in your surroundings.

4. Plant mosquito repellent plants

There are many plants like citronella, catnip, and lemon grass, which have mosquito repellent properties. Plant these around your house to keep mosquitoes away. Mosquitos hate the aroma of these plants, and this keeps the insects away from areas where such plants are planted.


5. Attract bats near your home

If you really want to exterminate mosquitoes in your surroundings, then bats are your best friends. Bats love eating mosquitoes and can eat more than a thousand mosquitoes in a night. Attracting bats to your garden can help you reduce mosquitoes significantly.

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