Posted on February 24, 2011 at 12:10 am

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Where did Chivalry go?!

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve passed Valentine’s Day. But, there is one quality about love which keeps a woman entranced. It’s the same quality which we grew up reading about in love stories, and still see when we watch “Chick Flicks.” Want to know what it is? It’s Chivalry. One word which screams history and strength. It screams love!!!! Chivalry was a term was used many years ago during the medieval times associated with ideals of knightly virtues, honor and courtly love. For a lot of people, women especially, these are main qualities which we have looked for and still do look for in our ideal mates; a guy who will pull out chairs, or open a door, or hand-write a letter telling his lady love how much he loves her. That’s chivalry. Call it what you may, it’s the small “act of kindness” which not only attracts a woman to man, but it keeps them together.

Unfortunately, men blame the lack of chivalry because they claim they don’t have time for it. It seems everyone is so busy in our day-to-day things and our own lives. In addition to that, modern technology is also to blame. We use computers to send an e-mail to someone, or send a text message to say “hi” or “I’m thinking of you.” Now, I’m not suggesting that guys should throw on a pair of tights and walk through the streets of NYC courting a woman while reciting a line from Romeo and Juliet or trying to re-create the next Heer Rhanja story. Small acts of kindness a guy can do such as holding a door open for a woman, or pulling out her chair, or just brings her favorite flowers “just because” make women blush. We love it!!! Women find those extremely sexy!!! Ladies, don’t disagree with me. I know you’ve probably been hurt before, therefore you don’t want to think about it. But face it! You want a guy who’s going to make you feel like a woman! You want a man who takes the time out to say he cares about you as much as you care about them. Guys, don’t you love it when a woman wears her hair down because she knows you love it or when she wears your favorite lingerie to bed because she knows how much you love her in it? Or better yet, what about when you come home and she makes your favorite meal for you just because you had a bad day at work? Whatever the case may be, chivalry should not die!!! If your woman is going to go all out to make you feel good, why can’t you focus on the small things that she loves so much and just show her that you feel the same?

A lot of people believe that just a small touch, a hug, or a kiss can just brighten one’s day. Chivalry is the same way. What is even more unfortunate is to see guys only behaving chivalrous when they first meet a woman or worst, when they start off the beginning of a relationship. As a relationship begins to blossom, a couple’s love will too blossom, but chivalry seems to diminish. If touch is a sensation which brings two people together then its chivalry which can make a relationship last. Guys trust me on this one when I tell you that chivalrous men are extremely sexy! When you do something meaningful from your heart, it makes women feel more appreciated. It is the simple things that women love and more so we appreciate.

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