Posted on November 1, 2023 at 10:06 am

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Ankita Lokhande’s candid discussion about her acting career on ‘Bigg Boss 17’

Ankita Lokhande made her debut in the entertainment industry at a young age and captured the hearts of many with her role. As Archana in the popular TV series “Pavitra Rishta”.

Photo courtesy Ankita team
Photo courtesy Ankita team

She has embarked on a new journey in the Bigg Boss 17 house along with her husband, Vicky Jain. We are getting to see the power couple in their authentic selves and setting some serious couple goals.

Ankita recently discussed her acting career to date with another contestant on the popular reality show. She also mentioned that her parents have been incredibly supportive throughout her life with her decisions to date.

Ankita has shared a video clip on her social media account, captioned:

“She’s done it all, but it’s never been easy. Watch our Dhakad Girl Ankita be the real deal on Bigg Boss 17!”


Ankita‘s journey is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and resilience in the face of challenges. As she has entered Bigg Boss 17, fans have been rooting for their beloved actress to shine and make new memories in the house.

Ankita Lokhande‘s transformation from seventeen to Bigg Boss 17 is a story of determination, growth, and the pursuit of new adventures. Fans are eagerly following her every move in the Bigg Boss house, alongside her husband Vicky, in the hopes that they will win.

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