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Simran Walia – A Trailblazer In The World Of Technology

Simran Walia – A Trailblazer In The World Of Technology

Simran Walia
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Simran Walia – A Trailblazer In The World Of Technology

What made you choose or decide to work in the field of Information Technology?
I decided to work in the field of Information Technology because of my strong interest in technology and its transformative power. Right from a very young age, I was drawn to computers and fascinated by how they could streamline processes, enhance communication, and drive innovation across various industries. This curiosity led me to pursue a formal education in IT and, eventually, a career in the field.
I find immense satisfaction in solving complex technical challenges, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, and being part of an industry that continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the digital world.

What do you feel is your biggest asset that sets you apart from the others in your field?
One of the biggest assets that sets me apart in the field of technology is my ability to bridge the gap between technical expertise and effective communication.
While many technologists excel in their technical skills, I place a strong emphasis on translating complex technical concepts into understandable language for non-technical stakeholders. This skill allows me to work seamlessly with cross-functional teams, facilitating collaboration and ensuring that technology solutions align with broader business goals. Additionally, my commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and continuously learning new technologies ensures that I can adapt and contribute effectively in a rapidly evolving field.

What was your childhood dream profession?
My childhood dream profession was to become a flight attendant. I was captivated by the idea of traveling the world, meeting people from different cultures, and working in the dynamic environment of aviation. The allure of visiting new places, experiencing different cultures and providing excellent service to passengers in the sky was incredibly appealing to me.
Although I didn’t ultimately pursue a career in that field, my childhood dream instilled in me a love for travel and hospitality, which has influenced my interests and values even to this day.

What are your aspirations in the years to come?

In the years to come, my aspirations are centered around serving the community and growing my company. As much as personal growth is essential, pitching in our contribution to making our community safer and better than before is crucial. I am personally passionate about creating an inclusive and safer world for the next generation to come forward and lead us with confidence and compassion.
In the area of personal growth, I have a vision for my company and plan to grow it at a steady pace creating employment and space for new ideas to convert into actions. Technology is changing very fast and I aspire to grow my company by leveraging the growth in the technology sector.

What’s your message for other women out there?
My message for women is to embrace their dreams and aspirations with confidence and resilience. Know that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to, regardless of societal expectations or stereotypes. Don’t be afraid to break barriers and push boundaries in your chosen field or endeavour.
Support and uplift one another as a community of strong, capable women. Seek mentors and role models who inspire you and learn from their experiences. Remember that success often comes with challenges but each obstacle is just another opportunity for growth.
Never underestimate the power of your voice and your unique perspective. Your contributions matter and your presence in every sphere of life; from business to science, art to politics is essential for creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable world.
Above all, believe in yourself and your potential to make a meaningful difference. You are not alone in your journey! Your determination can inspire and empower future generations of women to pursue their passions and reach for the stars.

Favorite hobby
I am an avid reader and a curious personality. Knowledge and wisdom from books feed my soul and give me peace and pleasure.

Favorite travel destination
My favorite travel destination where I have travelled is Switzerland which I find very beautiful and fascinating. I do intend to explore a new travel destination every single time around the world.

Favorite food
I love to try different cuisines but Indian food is my ultimate comfort food.

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