Posted on October 11, 2023 at 3:09 am

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On World Mental Health Day, Palak Purswani opens up on the importance of Mental Health and the need to speak out

Palak Purswani has become a popular name after being part of popular shows like ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’ and web-series ‘Roohaniyat’. The actress was recently part of Bigg Boss OTT season 2, and fans are still talking about her short but power-packed participation. As the world observes World Mental Health Day on October 10, Palak talks about the need for individuals to maintain good mental health and the importance of being vocal about it.


Photo Courtesy Palak Purswani Team
Photo Courtesy Palak Purswani Team


Palak shares that while physical health is often addressed, mental health is neglected. This is the case for actors and many other members of society.

“As actors, we take care of our physical health and appearance, but when it comes to taking care of our mental health, we don’t. I believe that people neglect to maintain good mental health. People overlook their mental health, which ultimately leads to depression and stress. Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion regarding mental well-being, and there are many movies which address this topic.”

The actress emphasises that talking about mental health and sharing your concerns with close ones is necessary. She says,

“I think many are reluctant to talk about their mental health, but if they do start talking about their concerns, it will undoubtedly help them find a solution. I believe people should talk about this with the ones they are comfortable with.”

She shares that even a simple gesture like enquiring about well-being can make a difference, Palak shares,

“As a friend or family, one should constantly inquire about the well-being of their close ones. Sometimes just asking someone about how they are can actually help them to open up. Also, a suggestion to the people going through this would be to speak up.”

It is great to see Palak Purswani highlighting the fact that we need to give equal importance to mental health as we do to physical health, and that speaking up is the first step to solving mental health issues.

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