Posted on September 11, 2023 at 6:22 am

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Fans impressed by Jiya Shankar’s impeccable acting skills taking Judaiyaan to the next level

Ever since Jiya Shankar is out of the Bigg Boss house, she is getting loved and appreciated for all the good reasons. She is getting so many offers and so if she is choosing any project that has to be special. The beautiful tale, scope for showing her art and the actress herself takes song to the next level.


Photo Courtesy Jiya Shankar Instagram
Photo Courtesy Jiya Shankar Instagram


Jiya Shankar and Abhishek Malhan-starrer song released and we are already in love with the song and we fell even harder for the diva.

The song is not like other usual songs because Jiya Shankar’s acting skills and her sizzling chemistry with Abhishek Malhan makes the song even more beautiful. Jiya Shankar’s presence on the screen brings smile on our face while she shading tears makes us cry.

World is appreciating Jiya for her yet another power packed performance. Here are some tweets.

One appreciation tweet for Jiya’s Acting skills 🤯✨🌟 she is a star




Damn those EYES. 🥹

Next acting project when miss Shankar @heyshankar_ ?? 🫶🫶🧿😘

#JiyaShankar #JiyaaShankar #JiyaKiJanta #Abhiya #Judaiyaan

What a phenomenal Actor she’s ✨🧿♥️ She nailed it. 🔥💯


Once she said: I’m very convincing actor… I mean where is the lie.

#JiyaShankar #Abhiya #Judaiyaan

Apart from her acting, Jiya’s look in Judaiyaan has also become one of the biggest talking point about the music video. The actress’s enigmatic looks in the music video feels nothing less than a fresh breeze of air.

With the release of this song, there’s no doubt about the fact that it is making everyone want to see Jiya in more and more projects and her fans definitely have a lot of expectations from this amazing girl.

Along with the love received by her fans, Jiya Shankar has received a lot of appreciation from her celebrity friends such as Nyrra Banerji, Harsh Rajput and others in the comments section.


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