Posted on August 14, 2023 at 9:29 pm

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Puneesh Sharma Makes Return With Music Video Haara Nahi

Puneesh Sharma Makes Return With Music Video Haara Nahi

Puneesh Sharma Makes Return With Music Video Haara Nahi

After Struggling for Opportunities, Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Puneesh Sharma Makes Return with Music Video ‘Haara Nahi’.

After a break of two years, Puneesh Sharma, known from Bigg Boss 11, is making a strong comeback. Despite his initial success, Puneesh struggled to find opportunities.

This led him to establish his own production house, Volume Up, and his return is marked by his music video “Haara Nahi.” After Bigg Boss, Puneesh worked on different projects, including shows and web series. However, the pandemic hit the entertainment industry hard, leaving many without work. Post-pandemic, he accepted a film offer, investing six months in preparation, but the project got shelved. He also signed up for a TV series, only to find his role reassigned. These experiences made him rethink his career. *Puneesh shared,* “These instances hindered my progress. A six-month loss occurred due to the abandoned film project, and I encountered another setback where a series’ entire cast underwent changes after extensive rehearsals. The entertainment industry’s unpredictability is astounding. Contracts generally favor the producers.” The teaser for his music video ‘Haara Nahi’ has been released today, offering a glimpse into his renewed journey. It portrays Puneesh as a resilient rockstar who faces challenges head-on. The lyrics, ‘Waise Kabhi, Sab Kuch Khoya Nahi,’ mirror his experiences. The song highlights our strength amid overwhelming challenges.

Puneesh Sharma
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Puneesh expressed, “Given limited opportunities, I decided to take control. I started a music video project under my newly established production house, ‘Volume Up.’ Titled ‘Haara Nahi,’ it showcases a transformed version of me.” Haara Nahi blends modern rock music with motivation and is directed and sung by Manas Abhiram. It’s set to release on Volume Up’s YouTube Channel on August 17, 2023

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