Posted on August 27, 2023 at 6:08 pm

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Builder Brand By Tara Sober Is Now Available On All Platforms

Builder Brand By Tara Sober Is Now Available On All Platforms

Builder Brand
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Builder Brand By Tara Sober Is Now Available On All Platforms

Introducing “Builder Brand” – A Powerful Anthem Celebrating Builders in the UK, performed by Tara Sober, released on 24th August 2023

Builder Brand Records, an innovative new record label, is thrilled to present the debut single ‘Builder Brand’ by the talented vocalist and lyricist, Tara Sober. This inspiring track aims to uplift the hard work of builders in the UK and across the globe. The song challenges common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding their profession.

Tara Sober, a fresh and dynamic voice to the music industry, pours his heart and soul into ’Builder Brand’. Drawing from his own experiences as a dedicated worker in the construction industry, Tara takes immense pride in his craft and is passionate about shedding light on the tireless efforts of builders through this captivating song.
The powerful music of ‘Builder Brand’ is courtesy of music producer N-Zuri who masterfully brings out the emotions of the track with captivating beats and harmonies. Adding an extra layer of depth and versatility, the talented rapper Ron from the USA contributes his outstanding skills, enhancing the songs message of unity and appreciation for builders worldwide.

Accompanying the energetic music is a visually impactful and evocative video, created by the skilled team at Sector One Media. The video perfectly complements the essence of ‘Builder Brand’ amplifying the song’s impact and connecting the audience with the hard work and dedication of builders.

The vision for ‘Builder Brand’ was conceived some years ago when both the song and video were actually recorded and finalized. However, life’s challenges and setbacks delayed the release. Now, with renewed resolve and the belief that the time is right, Tara Sober is excited to share this inspiring anthem with the world.
Tara Sober expressed his enthusiasm for the song, stating, “Working in the construction industry has given me a profound appreciation for the builders’ dedication and resilience. ‘Builder Brand’ is a tribute to their unwavering spirit and a call to break the stereotypes that often overshadow their remarkable contributions.”

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