Posted on July 28, 2023 at 9:06 am

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Sana Makbul reveals battling autoimmune disease on World Hepatitis Day

Actress Sana Makbul is one of the finest actors of our times, the model-turned-actress has been extensively seen in notable projects in the Hindi and South industry. But after playing fab game in Khatri Ke Khiladi, the diva kind of disappeared and we didn’t knew the reason until today where she made a huge revelation about her health condition.


Photo courtesy Sana Makbul team
Photo courtesy Sana Makbul team

On World Hepatitis Day today, Sana revealed battling autoimmune disease ‘Hepatitis’ for quite a sometime now. She also opened up on being at stage 4 and all hardships she had to go through to reverse it, in order improve her condition.

Sana shared, “Hi guys, so today is world Hepatitis day and on this day I want to share something I’m battling with. Yes, I’m an autoimmune hepatitis patient and I discovered this in August 2020. In the first one year, I didn’t understand what I was dealing with, the doctor had explained me what was going on but somewhere I couldn’t accept what I was battling with, all I knew was that I wanted to live! People always say that when everything is going well there comes a point where you have to pause, and even I faced that incident in my life. After Khatron, my career was taking off but I had to take a seat back and prioritize my health, I was deteriorating internally”.

She further added, “The last one and a half year has been difficult with a lot of sacrifices which have been mentally, physically and emotionally draining. I have lost work, woken up with a swollen face, legs and hands, my body is bloated, a lot of hairfall and mood swings and specially in the profession I am in, it hits hard! There are days when I don’t feel like getting up from my bed. I started going to retreats, naturopathy centres, I started working with a nutritionist and most importantly I accepted my body and started listening to it and now I understand my body. Today I’m sharing my journey till date. There has been an improvement both mentally and physically. I have been in F3-F4 stage and now I’ve reversed my stage to F1-F2 and that’s an improvement. I believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

She concluded, “When Samantha Ruth Prabhu had shared her auto immune condition, I could relate to her pain because I went through it. I used to ask God ‘why me? ‘ but as it is said, God always gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldier. So all you guys out there battling these illnesses, don’t give up, Keep faith. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and I’m glad to inform you all that I’m back to resume to my work with high hopes. I will take care of my health. I thank my publicist, my doctor, my nutritionist and my family for giving me the courage to come out and speak about this”.

It takes lot of courage to speak about your hardest times while going through it. But we believe Sana is stronger than this, wishing her a speedy recovery!


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