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Revisiting the Bhai magic: Classic Salman Khan dialogues that have stood the test of time!

Step into the world of Bollywood charisma and unforgettable one-liners. Where the screen comes alive with the magnetic presence of the one and only Salman Khan.


With a blend of swag, power, and unmatched style, this iconic superstar has graced the silver screen. With dialogues that have etched themselves into the hearts and minds of millions.

Salman Khan’s dialogues have become a cultural phenomenon, resonating with fans of all generations.


Join us as we embark on a journey through the realm of his inimitable dialogues, where each word becomes a pulsating beat. And each line an anthem that reverberates through the cinephile’s soul.


Get ready to be enthralled, as the magic of Salman Khan‘s iconic dialogues unfolds before your eyes on ZEE5 Global.

Dosti Ka Ek Oosul Hai Madam… No Sorry, No Thank You(Friendship has one rule madam … no sorry, no thank you)

One of the most iconic dialogues from Salman Khan’s debut film, Maine Pyar Kiya. It single-handedly captured the minds and hearts of viewers and established him as a promising newcomer. It became an instant hit and continues to be quoted by fans.

Meri bhi paidaish Maharashtra ki hi hai, par main teri tarah gunda nahi bana. Main bana gunde da baap, Policewaalaa (I was also born in Maharashtra, but I didn’t become a goon like you. I became the father of goons, Policewala)

Antim, a powerful action movie, saw Salman Khan delivers this thought-provoking dialogue as a dutiful cop.

Radhe jane ke lie nai bhejne ke lie aya hai aur tere hisse ki biryani hum sab mil baat kar khayenge aur bolenge… Eid Muabarak!

A dialogues that became an instant hit with audiences worldwide. This iconic line from action drama Radhe, emphasised Salman Khan’s Radhe’s unwavering determination and loyalty.

Jis school me tumne ye seekha hai na uska headmaster aj bhi mujhse tuition leta hai- Wanted

Log kehte hai khoobsoorat ladkiyan jab jhooth bolti hai to aur bhi khoobsurat lagti hai- Hum aapke hai kaun

Bring it on! – KBKJ

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