Posted on July 25, 2023 at 6:26 am

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Karan Kundrra pays respect to singer Shaan by touching his feet at an event!

In a heartwarming display of respect and admiration at a kids’ orphanage event, heartthrob Karan Kundrra won hearts as he touched the feet of renowned singer Shaan, who was also present at the occasion.

Photo courtesy Karan team
Photo courtesy Karan team


The heartwarming gesture not only showcased Karan‘s humble nature but also highlighted the enduring influence and impact of traditional customs in Indian culture.

Karan Kundrra, known for his prominent roles in television shows, films, and music videos, attended the event as an ardent fan of Shaan. Kundrra couldn’t resist expressing the deepest respect he has for the musical maestro.

Shaan graciously reciprocated Karan’s display of respect by extending his blessings and praising Kundrra’s modesty.

The actor has set a powerful example for his fans, emphasising that success is not just about talent or achievements but also about remaining humble and grounded.

The incident quickly gained attention on various social media platforms, with fans commending Karan Kundrra for his humility and respect towards a senior artist like Shaan. Fans cannot wait to see their favourite actor entertain them once again in yet another interesting role.

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