Posted on July 26, 2023 at 7:48 am

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It’s a wrap for Ritabhari Chakraborty’s highly anticipated series Nandini

And it’s a wrap for Ritabhari Chakraborty’s Nandini. The talented actress has left audiences mesmerized with her exceptional performances.

Photo courtesy Ritabhari Chakraborty team
Photo courtesy Ritabhari Chakraborty team

After delivering a blockbuster hit with Fatafati, Ritabhari is all set to shine in her upcoming project, Nandini.

The series is an adaptation of the powerful book Nandini by Sayantani Putatunda, and it revolves around the heart-wrenching tale of a mother’s unwavering fight to save her girl child, who mysteriously calls her mother even before being born. This gripping narrative sheds light on the critical issue of female infanticide, a topic that challenges patriarchal norms.

As the shooting for Nandini concludes, the anticipation among fans and critics alike grows exponentially. Ritabhari Chakraborty’s talent, paired with the impactful storyline of the series, sets the stage for another masterpiece. Talking about her film Fatafati, mark your calendars for the 4th of August, as this uplifting movie streams exclusively on SonyLIV, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience that celebrates body positivity.

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