Posted on July 2, 2023 at 1:04 pm

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5 Ji Chang Wook Dramas To Revisit On His 36th Birthday

From the the mysterious night courier in Healer, the suave secret agent in The K2, or the snarky yet cute lawyer in “Suspicious Partner” Ji Chang Wook’s on screen charm and good looks are often discussed in the same breath. An actor who showcased his flair for action also comes out tops as the ideal romantic hero. Ji Chang Wook has also been rated as one of the best kissers on screens, and we dare not disagree with that. As the actor turns 36 on July 5, here are five Ji Chang Wook dramas which are totally worth your while.

“Smile Again”

Dong Hae (Ji Chang Wook )lives in the United States with his mother Anna. He is short-track speed skating champion,and gets a chance to visit his home country Korea for a competition. His sole aim is to meet his steady girlfriend Sae Hwa ,whom he had met in USA and has now has moved back to Seoul. But, a shock awaits him, the ambitious Saw Hwa has her sights set on the young heir apparent to the Camellia Hotel and has no intention to marry the poor Dong Hae. After an accident while saving Sae Hwa is unable to participate in the competition and it also marks the end odd  his sporting career, However, his mother spots her estranged husband and  Dong Hae’s fatherl James at the Camellia Hotel and refuses to leave Seoul. Dong Hae decides to stay back look for his father. Bong Yi ( Oh Ji Eun)a sprightly chef at the hotel, befriends Dong Hae, and gets him Dong Hae a job at the Camellia hotel. She also offers mother and and son to move in with her family. As a sweet love story unfolds between Dong Hae and Bong Yi, it comes to light that Dong Hae’s father is actually the owner of the Camellia Hotel. Will Dong Hae get his due and be reinstated as the rightful heir of the hotel? Well not before some misunderstandings and under hand dealings are  thrown his way.

A long drama, but its absolutely worth your while if you are a fan of Ji Chang Wook.

“Bachelor Vegetable Store”

Bases on the true life story of which of Lee Young Seok, who turned his small vegetable store into a nationwide franchise with 33 outlets across the city.

Ji Chang Wook plays Han Tae Young, a down-and-out young man, who earns his keep and supports his family consisting of his sister and grandmother by selling vegetables. Enterprising and ambitious, he  hires four lost boys looking for a cause in life, after having failed in what they had set out to do.  Together  they set shop, and work against all odds to making the small vegetable shop a success.

One of Ji Chang Wook’s early dramas and a favorite among many, is a story of grit and determination as one young man tries to change his fortune.


A drama favourite for  many, sees Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, a fearless night courier who takes on tough assignments and can get out of any sticky situation with his superior parkour skills. If he is not arguing  with his hacker boss Ji Min Ja , he is found dreaming of  a retired life on an island in front of his gigantic TV screen. But things take a dramatic turn when he is commissioned by news anchor Kim Moon Ho( Yoo Ji Tae)to get the DNA sample of an aspiring and feisty journalist named Chae Young Shin ( Park Min Young). A chain of events lead Jung Hoo to assume the identity of Bong Soo, a media intern. He starts working with Young Shin and Min Ja, and the three start investigating murky incidents from decades ago. But the drama soon reveals that Jung Hoo and Young Shin share a common past, and the case they are investigating is tied to their childhood and parents. The chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young is scorching and there are plenty of squeal worthy romantic moments.

“The K2”

The K 2 will always be remembered not only for Ji Chang Wook acing the action genre but also looking  his sexiest best. Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha, is a daredevil, he is fearless and badass secret agent. However he is on the run for a crime he has been wrongly accused for. From keeping his identity hidden, he is assigned as a bodyguard to a top politician’s illegitimate daughter Anna( YoonA). Anna suffers from anxiety and also has post traumatic stress disorder. Little does Je Ha realise that he would indeed turn into Anna’s knight in shinning armour. As he takes to protecting her and also cannot help falling in love with her. The moments between Je Ha and Anna are cute.

Ji Chang Wook carries the show effortlessly on his shoulder. From giving glimpses of his toned athletic frame, he is quite the scene stealer in every department.

“Suspicious Partner”

Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook ( Ji Chang Wook) avoids Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) a former trainee at his office as much as he can. The reason being, Ji Wook had sometime ago defended Bong Hee, when had been wrongly accused of murdering her boyfriend. The incident had left Ji Wook taking a mighty  fall in the eyes of the law. Post the incident he is a disillusioned  personal lawyer and very bored with his job at an agency. While Bong Hee has feelings for him, Ji Wook steers clear from her path as much as he can. But as danger looms ahead of them, the two end up protecting and falling for each other.

“Suspicious Partner” is a well-blended plot of thriller, romance, and humor. And Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun have undeniable chemistry.

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