Posted on June 7, 2023 at 3:48 am

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Uorfi Javed lends helping hand to 95-year-old man playing drums at weddings to meet his basic needs

Apart from her top-notch fashion statements and distinctive fashion sense Uorfi Javed is also widely known for always putting forward her voice for the betterment of society and through her social media stories one can easily observe her viewpoints about miss happenings in society, not only this she also gets numb to the people who are suffering from the bad phase of the society and also don’t have a good back up in the financial terms.


Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team
Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team


Even in some of her spotting videos, she’s seen standing by underprivileged people and giving it all to help the needy. But what she did recently will surely melt all your hearts and this step of hers truly shows that Uorfi has a golden heart and it’s open to all needy people.

A few days back Uorfi took to her official social media handle to which she reposted a video of a 95-year-old man playing the drums in the marriage to fulfil his basic needs even at this age. The video made Uorfi so emotional that she immediately got numb for a while with it and uploaded it to her Instagram story showing an eager urge to help the man with whatever she has, sharing the video she wrote, “Koi please inka number ya address dedo.” And the moment she put up the story she didn’t keep calm and was constantly in search of any sources to get connected with the man after hustling she got his contact and she immediately stood up for help.

The video was uploaded by one Instagram page which also led Uorfi Javed to get connected with the man and helped with a good amount of money and has also promised to help the man every month with a certain amount of money. And recently she shared a story thanking the Instagram page for helping her reach out to the man. The Instagram page also wrote some thank full words for Uorfi by sharing a story on their Instagram story in which they displayed the receipt of the money received and also the 95-year-old man can be seen happy after receiving the money, they wrote, “मशहूर अभिनेत्री ऊर्फी जावेद जी के द्वारा हमारे लोकप्रिय हुए दादाजी को सहयोग मिला। जब इनके जैसे दयावान लोग आगे आते हे तभी हम सभी तक मदद पहुंचा पाते हे। सहयोग करने के लिए आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।”

The story by the page has shuttered down the mouths of the haters of Uorfi Javed who were dubbing her story of asking about the contact an instant flow of emotions and in some time she will forget and move but Uorfi stood to her words and helped the man with a plenty amount of money. More updates are expected to arrive soon, so stay tuned.


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