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Unleashing Musical EDM: An Exclusive Journey with Jai Wolf!

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, where innovation and experimentation reign supreme, one artist has been making waves with his captivating soundscapes and mesmerizing melodies. His name is Jai Wolf, and he has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music production. With his unique blend of melodic beats, infectious energy, and evocative lyrics, Jai Wolf has captured the hearts of fans around the globe and is redefining the boundaries of electronic music as we know it.

Born Sajeeb Saha in Bangladesh and raised in New York City, Jai Wolf’s musical journey began at an early age. He was exposed to a diverse range of musical influences, from his parents’ collection of Bollywood classics to the pulsating beats of hip-hop and electronic music that echoed through the bustling streets of NYC. It was this rich cultural tapestry that laid the foundation for Jai Wolf’s artistic exploration and his ability to seamlessly blend different genres into his own unique sonic palette.

Jai Wolf burst onto the scene in 2014 with his remix of Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind,” which quickly garnered attention for its infectious energy and skillful production. This early success paved the way for his breakout hit, “Indian Summer,” released in 2015. The track’s dreamy melodies and euphoric atmosphere captured the imagination of listeners, propelling Jai Wolf into the spotlight and solidifying his position as a rising star in the electronic music landscape.

We had a chance to speak with him about his career and his latest!

When and how did you get into producing and what made you choose this path?

I got into producing around 2008. I really wanted to be in a band in high school but unfortunately my friends weren’t really into the same music I was into. Because of that, I started to write songs in Garageband and learned to program all the parts from the drums to the bass to the synths. Prior to this, I had done some video editing for school projects and I found that producing music and building different layers on a computer was much like editing a video.


You have been touring a lot lately how does it feel to be loved by so many fans?

I really appreciate the ability to go on tour and play shows! It’s definitely something I don’t take for granted.

Who are some of your inspirations and where do you find inspiration when you are making
your music?

I think a lot of my music (from sound palette to lyrics) is inspired by movies and the feelings they evoke.

You make a lot of EDM. How do you stay competitive with other EDM producers and Relevant.

I only compete with myself! I always want to make sure that the music I’m writing feels evolved from my previous work without recycling old concepts. Now that I’m in my 30s, I try to stay focused on my own lane and not what others are doing. I also don’t particularly care for relevance, I only care about putting my feelings into the music.

You recently released a single “Want it All” with Evalyn. What’s the process when you work
with artist when making the track?

For “Want It All”, I was in a session with songwriter Evalyn (who I hadn’t met) and my friend Rishi who is a very talented producer and singer. We spent the session having Evalyn “scratch” (hum melodies) over 4 different beats. The last beat was started by Rishi who played a really ear catching piano chord progression. From there, we had the vocal melody fleshed out and some faint lyrics being sung. Those faint lyrics were then spun into a full song thru text message after the session was over. The vocal chop was made by distorting Rishi’s vocal runs on the mic.

South Asians are now being well recognized worldwide with the music they make. How does it feel to be a South Asian today and now getting the recognition we are receiving mainstream as we know it’s been a tough market for many.

It’s incredible to see a lot of us get some shine compared to what it was like decades ago. I don’t think I could have imagined to see so many South Asian artists at Coachella this year, it was truly a surreal experience. I made an effort to see every single one of their sets from Diljit Dosanjh to Joy Crookes.


What’s next for Jai Wolf?

I’m excited to release music more regularly this year and go on my first headline tour in 4 years in North America!

Beyond his mastery of production, Jai Wolf’s live performances are a testament to his ability to create an immersive and unforgettable experience. His energetic stage presence, coupled with stunning visuals and immersive lighting, transports audiences into a world of sonic enchantment. From intimate club shows to headlining festival sets, Jai Wolf has garnered a loyal following that eagerly anticipates his every move.

As Jai Wolf continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, his influence reaches far beyond the confines of genre labels. With his innovative approach to sound design and his unwavering commitment to delivering emotive and memorable performances, Jai Wolf is carving out a unique space for himself in the ever-expanding landscape of electronic music. With each release, he invites us to join him on a sonic adventure, urging us to embrace our emotions, celebrate the beauty of life, and lose ourselves in the magic of his music!

Be sure to check out more on Jai Wolf on his YOUTUBE page!

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