Posted on June 8, 2023 at 6:39 am

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Karishma Tanna’s portrayal in ‘Scoop’ raises the bar for ethical journalism depiction

In the captivating world of the hit web series “Scoop,” Karishma Tanna delivers an exceptional performance delving into the morally ambiguous nature of investigative journalism.

Photo courtesy Karishma team
Photo courtesy Karishma team

Directed by the talented Hansal Mehta, this series explores the complexities of journalism. As boundaries blur and the pursuit of truth intensifies, Tanna’s portrayal sheds light on the challenges faced by journalists.

Her character, Jagruti, becomes an unfortunate scapegoat, unjustly accused and arrested. Revealing the steep price women often pay for ambition in a society grappling with gender biases. Scoop provokes reflection on the complexities of journalism.

Jagruti finds herself becoming the scapegoat for public anger. As she is painted out to be a criminal by the media following the murder of a respected male journalist.


One of the central themes explored in “Scoop” is the steep price women pay for their ambition in a male-dominated industry.


Jagruti’s journey exposes prevailing biases and systemic obstacles. It is showcasing the sacrifices and emotional toll faced by ambitious women.


Tanna’s portrayal delves deep into the internal conflicts and challenges endured by those striving for professional success. It is  resonating with audiences on a profound level.

As “Scoop” pushes the boundaries of storytelling through Tanna’s compelling performance. It invites audiences to critically examine the ethical complexities of journalism while illuminating the enduring challenges that arise when navigating the blurred lines between right and wrong.

Following “Scoop“, Karishma Tanna continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. Recently, she was spotted at Dharma Productions, sparking excitement among her fans.

With her incredible talent and versatility, Tanna has an array of exciting projects lined up. It is leaving audiences eagerly anticipating her future ventures.

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