Posted on June 24, 2023 at 8:24 pm

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Exclusive Interview: K-Pop group BLITZERS talks music and mental health!

Blitzers is a South Korean boy band formed by Wuzo Entertainment in 2021. The group consists of seven members: Jinhwa, Go_U, Juhan, Sya, Chris, Lutan and Wooju. The group has recently released a new track and music video and it’s been buzzing all over the world! Check out our exclusive chat with the K-pop group!

For people who don’t know where did the group name “BLITZERS” come from and how did the name get formed?

LUTAN – We, BLITZERS, are a team with an aspiration to ‘rush into the world with our music and dance!’ (This is the result of our CEO’s ambitious and careful consideration before our debut! lol)


How has the journey been so far for all of you and how well do you all get along when it comes to making music and dance routines?

SYA – The activities so far have given me different experiences and memories each time. Every album and every tour. The reason that was possible and how we operate is the same. When exchanging opinions with the members, we share various ideas individually and add opinions to the best ideas among them to develop them together.

The Macarena music video has been one of my favorites and it is getting a ton of love on Social Media right now. How did you all come up with the name for the song?

WOOJU – The concept of Macarena’ is in the late 90s and early 2000s. Just like the name of the original song, ‘Macarena’, which was enjoyed by people all over the world at that time, our ‘Macarena’ was decided with the hope that it would be a song that people of all ages and genders all over the world could enjoy.

The dance moves to Macarena is very electric and with so much competition in the KPOP world how do you all reinvent yourself as a group.

JINHWA – The choreography of ‘Macarena’ was completed by thinking about the movements and composition that would best express the song and lyrics! This is a song that emphasizes the choreography, which has aspects of the original song as an homage, and choreography that is easy to follow. Fortunately, many people enjoyed it, so I’m beyond grateful.

If not a KPOP singer/dancer – what profession would you have gone into?

JINHWA – Before I dreamed of becoming an idol, I was studying to become an athletic teacher. That’s why I think I would be working as an athletic teacher. 

JUHAN – If I wasn’t a singer, I think I would have become a company employee or barista.

SYA – I’m highly interested in fashion, so maybe a fashion designer. 

CHRIS – Maybe ice hockey player or graphic designer because that’s what I’ve been doing before I came to Korea.

LUTAN – For now, I think I’ll be living as a college student according to my age! If I had to choose, maybe an athletic teacher or chef.

WOOJU – Hmm… I think I would have lived as a normal college student and worked part-time!

It’s Mens Mental Health Month worldwide right now – how do you guys stay mentally fit while being in the industry with so much competition rising?

JINHWA – I try to exercise whenever I have free time. From taking a break from exercising and working out again, I feel psychologically stable! So the way I maintain my mental health is to exercise!

JUHAN – My own way to maintain my mental health is to listen to songs in nature! When I listen to music in nature, my thoughts disappear and my mood improves.

SYA – I affirm to not get swayed and angry to keep myself centered. I seem to maintain my mental health through this method.

CHRIS – I stay mentally fit by just being who I am and loving our BLEE.

LUTAN – I think getting a good night sleep is the most important thing! Also, as we do group activities, we spend a lot of time together. That’s why we talk a lot as a team, and we receive a lot of help from each other when we’re having a hard time! Oh, and think positively and make sure to take your vitamins! It is Important!

WOOJU – I look back at my initial goal. Then, the passion and enthusiasm I had when I first wanted to do this work gives me the strength to rescue myself from my mannerism.

If you had to collaborate with an artist who would it be and why?

JINHWA – I have a strong desire to collaborate with senior Taemin, who is always my role model!

JUHAN – I want to work with many artists I admire! I don’t think there’s anything happier than to collaborate with them!

CHRIS I pick Metro Boomin and A$AP Rocky because their music inspires me a lot

You all have a fan base in India! Any idea when you all will be coming to India and any words for your fans in India!

JINHWA – BLEE in India! We haven’t been able to go, but I want to see everyone soon! Please wait for us!

JUHAN – I have never been to India yet, so I really want to go! See you in India!!

SYA – If there is the opportunity, I want to go to India whenever and I believe we will meet someday! BLEE, thank you for always supporting us!

CHRIS – Please wait for us we’ll be there someday so stay tuned!

LUTAN – If I get a chance, I want to meet BLEE in India soon, and I want to say thank you for always cheering us on and loving us haha ​​I love you BLEE!

WOOJU – Indian BLEE! We will visit wherever. As we are always working hard to prepare a new version of ourselves, please don’t worry and wait for us!

Well fans in India – it looks like we may see Blitzers in India! Are you excited?

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